Everything we know about Seer in Apex Legends

Everything you want to know about the Ambush Artist.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The next competitor to join Apex Legends is named Seer, and one glance from him “will reduce a mountain to dust, a king to a beggar, and an ocean to a desert.”

Seer’s “empathic, creative soul” made him a beacon for the “downtrodden, outcast, and forgotten.” The Ambush Artist flipped his curse around and made it an object of pride instead of contempt. Here’s what we know about the new legend.

Seer’s “Curse”

Obi Edosalim was born an outcast. A meteor struck the moon of his home planet, Boreas, on the night of his birth, and his community saw an ill omen in Obi’s eyes. The Boreas folktale, “The Moth and the Flame,” lays the groundwork for the curse, and Respawn published the story as a teaser ahead of the legend’s release.

Seer’s community shunned him greatly. Even his classmates in school refused to be close to the young Obi, afraid that the “curse” would pass onto them and that he would “kill them with his eyes,” according to the “Disciplinary Action” loading screen. Seer’s parents, however, loved him unconditionally and fostered his empathy and creativity.

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Seer embraced the curse and defined it on his own terms, however, instead of letting others define it for him, as told in the “Keep the Flame” loading screen. He adopted the moth as his symbol and rose as “an icon of the shunned, the unaccepted, and the unabashedly original,” according to his official bio, and a champion for the outcasts.

Seer spent nine years in Arenas before joined the Apex Games. To him, the allure of Arenas lied in “the theatrics, the outfits, the personas,” despite the violence. “Where there is violence, there is beauty,” he writes in the “Dear Diary” loading screen. “What is unusual is tonight…I felt like I belong,” he says. “I have never known that feeling. I must follow it…”

He rubbed shoulders with two other competitors in Arenas: Rampart and Octane. He’s friends with the Amped Modder, according to the “Not So Far from the Tree” loading screen, but the daredevil and Seer don’t have the best relationship. A teaser for Seer also appears hidden in the season eight Arenas teaser, lead writer Amanda Doiron confirmed.

The significance of the moth

The moth is a part of the folklore of Seer’s home planet, Boreas. The “Deep Dive” loading screen goes over the significance of the moth and its obvious link to Seer’s curse.

“Moths are ubiquitous on Boreas, thanks to our robust textile industry,” the loading screen reads. “Moths have weaved their way through our planet’s culture, traditions, and yes, even our superstitions. Seer has been draped in this tapestry from birth, thanks to the curse drawn from the folktale, The Moth and the Flame.”

Respawn told the folktale in three teasers as part of the buildup to Seer’s release. In the story, a blind princess was locked away by the king and queen out of fear for her safety. A young man passed below her window, singing, and the two fell in love. They promised to elope, but the princess’ parents arrested the man.

A moth came through the window as she waited in her vigil and made a blood pact with the princess. “Bemoaning its cursed lot, the moth confessed it was always drawn to that which would do him harm,” the second chapter of the story says. “It wanted to be reborn as her child, to be free of this curse.”

The king and queen, in an act of sheer brutality, burned the young man at the stake. The moth, unable to deny its lethal attraction, rushed into the flames, and the blind princess followed. The blood pact presumably never came through and “the curse of the moth hung over the kingdom that day and all the days that followed,” according to the ending of the story.


Seer took his curse, a presumed reason for shame, and defined it on his own terms, and the aptly-named episode of Stories from the Outlands, “Metamorphosis,” doubles down on the idea of the curse and on how Seer shifted that perception.

“A woman will rise, bearing the mark of the moth,” according to the short. “Her firstborn will be a cursed child. His eyes…drawing us all to the flame. Refuse the child’s gaze or be undone.” The short shows that Seer was largely considered an outcast since his birth.

The cinematic goes over Obi’s childhood. His father helped build his micro-drones, while his mother taught him how to dance and express himself. The short ends with Seer putting his impressive theatricality to use in Arenas, to the crowd’s applause.

Seer’s character is about overcoming obstacles, flaws, and curses, and turning them into something else entirely—and “Metamorphosis” feels like a fitting title for Seer’s Stories from the Outlands.