Everything we know about Seer in Apex Legends

The new competitor drops alongside the game's tenth season, Emergence, on Aug. 3.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The next competitor to join Apex Legends is named Seer and one glance from him “will reduce a mountain to dust, a king to a beggar, and an ocean to a desert.”

Despite a fairytale-esque series of teasers and the “Metamorphosis” animated short, however, there’s still a lot of mystery involving Seer. Here’s what we know about the new legend so far.


Seer was born an outcast. His mother gave birth to him at the same time as a nearby planet was destroyed in a window-cracking explosion. “Is Obi cursed, or were the events surrounding his birth just a coincidence?” Apex writer Amanda Doiron said on Twitter.

“Metamorphosis” doubles down on that idea. “A woman will rise, bearing the mark of the moth,” according to the short. “Her firstborn will be a cursed child. His eyes…drawing us all to the flame. Refuse the child’s gaze or be undone.” The short shows that Seer was largely considered an outcast since his birth.

Though we don’t know much about Seer inside the Apex Games, the official website provides a short description of him. “With microdrones and an artist’s eye, Seer spots opportunities that other Legends might miss, and seizes them in the most beautiful way he can.” The microdrones first appeared as part of an in-game legend teaser and had a short flavor text.

“A stray micro-drone from the mysterious heart container,” its description reads. “A work of art, it appears to be hand-crafted by one with great skill and taste. It would make an inscrutable gun charm.” Based on the animated short, Seer’s father may have had a hand in building the device.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

When interacting with the teasers, Rampart calls Seer “my boy,” which indicates that the two legends know each other. Crypto and Bloodhound, on the other hand, appear wary of the next competitor. It’s too early to tell where Seer will fit in the lore of Apex, however.

The moth motif on Seer borrows from the symbolism presented by a series of teasers called “The Moth and the Flame.” The fantastic narrative recounts the story of a princess, a moth, and a curse.

The Moth and the Flame

Respawn released a three-part teaser called “The Moth and the Flame” over the past week. The fairytale-esque story tells of a king, a queen, and their blind daughter. Scared for the princess’ safety, the rulers imprisoned her in a tower “to keep her safe from the dangers of the world.”

A young man passed by the princess’ window, singing, and the two fell in love. The king and queen discovered the affair, however, and arrested him. A moth appeared before the princess as she waited for her lover and the two made a blood pact to break the moth’s curse.

“Bemoaning its cursed lot, the moth confessed it was always drawn to that which would do him harm,” the second chapter of the story says. “It wanted to be reborn as her child, to be free of this curse.”

The king and queen, in an act of sheer brutality, burned the young man at the stake. The moth, unable to deny its lethal attraction, rushed into the flames, and the blind princess followed. The blood pact presumably never came through and “the curse of the moth hung over the kingdom that day and all the days that followed,” according to the ending of the story.

The story set the stage for Seer. “Metamorphosis” reinforced how defining a curse was to Obi, who was born as an outcast under the “mark of the moth” and the legend has adopted a moth as a symbol—as seen in the teaser and on parts of his armor. The rest of Seer’s story may also call back to that allegory in the future.

The new legend will be released on Aug. 3 alongside the game’s tenth season, Emergence. Fans will get a better look at Seer when the season 10 launch trailer debuts at EA Play Live on July 22.