New Apex Teaser shows “serious tectonic activity” on World’s Edge, hints at possible changes to Train Yard

Train Yard might be headed to the chopping block.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Things aren’t looking good for Train Yard after today’s Apex Legends teaser showed “serious tectonic activity” on World’s Edge. The second log, located in Staging, revealed that Hammond Robotics is increasing the power to the Planet Harvester—despite the constant tremors on Talos.

“Serious tectonic activity in TY,” the message reads. “They are actually increasing Harvester activity… Do they want us all to burn?!” The second teaser is another warning about the perils of Hammond Robotics’ exploration on World’s Edge, particularly with the gargantuan Planet Harvester.

In the first log, the author of the message—someone named Bilal—said that “the whole world’s shaking,” and the tunnels near the vaults clearly showed the tremors in action. Hammond’s borderline cataclysmic activities on World’s Edge will likely mean more changes to the map, and thanks to the latest teaser, it’s possible to deduce one of the affected areas.

The message says that there is “serious tectonic activity” in “TY,” which presumably means Train Yard. The POI is the only spot in World’s Edge with those initials, and it seems unlikely that the teasers would be a red herring pointing toward a different location.

World’s Edge hasn’t seen any significant changes in nearly a year. The last big map update to the Talos arena took place in season six, with the addition of three new POIs made by Hammond Robotics: Countdown, Staging, and Launch Site. The two teasers so far were located in Countdown and Staging, which means that another piece of the puzzle might be located in Launch Site.

Respawn is ramping up the build-up to season 10, with a series of in-game teasers, a new storyline about the new legend, and the announcement of a Stories from the Outlands short, scheduled to release tomorrow.