Apex Legends teasers show World’s Edge is shaking, hints at possible map update

World's Edge may finally be getting some changes.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ season 10 teasers kicked off today with an ominous warning that World’s Edge is shaking—along with the tremors to prove it. The teasers hint at an upcoming update to the Talos arena, which hasn’t seen any major overhauls since season six.

The first part of the teaser is on a device in Countdown. Picking it up displays an ominous message: “Whole world’s shaking. Finally got Hammond to run tests. Why is no one else freaking out?” The second part of the teaser confirms Bilal’s concerns: Players can see the tremors if they go to a specific location.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Hammond Robotics set down the Planet Harvester on the surface of Talos during season four and the gargantuan apparatus “has caused giant lava-filled faults to rupture,” according to the patch notes at the time. The company continued to exploit the resources on the planet, which may lead to further destruction—and possibly the upcoming map update for season 10.

World’s Edge last saw significant changes in season six, with the removal of the train that roamed the map and the addition of three new areas: Staging, Countdown, and Launch Site. Since then, Respawn introduced Olympus in season seven, changed Kings Canyon the following season, and adjusted Olympus during Legacy. This means that World’s Edge hasn’t seen major changes in nearly a year and should be in line for the next map update.

Apex‘s season 10 will likely begin in early August, based on Respawn’s usual three-month run time for seasons. Players can expect more map and legend teasers soon.