Apex teaser says Seer’s ‘got [the] heartbeats’ of his enemies

A little tidbit of information about the new legend.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

We don’t know much about Seer in Apex Legends yet, but a teaser posted today may conceal a cryptic hint about the upcoming legend’s kit. The teaser is a recording from one of Seer’s fights and the hosts, Null and Viscera, talk about the next legend while he fends off some rivals.

“…And with nine years in Arenas, it was only a matter of time before he got pulled up to—,” the first part of the message says. The other host, Viscera, takes over the broadcast: “Look at this! These maniacs are trying to flank Seer on the sly. But he’s got their heartbeats, wrappin’ on ’em like a python.”

The phrasing “got their heartbeats” may be a hint at the upcoming legend’s kit. A teaser for Seer showed that the character carried a “bespoke micro-drone,” which might be used to monitor his opponents in the field. In the teaser, Seer discovered the location of his enemies even though they were going for a flank.

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This means that Seer could likely be a recon character, an unsurprising denomination based on his theme and his name. Fans will hear more about the next legend tomorrow, though. The season 10 launch trailer will debut at the EA Play Live conference, scheduled to kick off at 12pm CT. And like other cinematics, it may give fans a glimpse at Seer’s abilities.