New Apex teaser gives fans a taste of the new legend and a gun charm

Good luck dropping on Gardens.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is introducing fans to the game’s next legend with a little gift from the new character. Players who interact with an object in Golden Gardens can get a legend-specific voice line and a gun charm for their collection, and Touching the object will give some hints about the next character to join the roster.

The device is located at the center of Gardens in Olympus. Interacting with it displays a hologram of a moth, which is related to the latest teasers, and will drop three shards of a “Bespoke Micro Drone”. These will turn into a gun charm the next time players return to the lobby.

“A stray micro-drone from the mysterious heart container,” its description reads. “A work of art, it appears to be hand-crafted by one with great skill and taste. It would make an inscrutable gun charm.”

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn started teasing the new legend with a short tale called “The Moth and the Flame.” The story has two chapters so far, and developers are bound to release more as the build-up to season 10 continues.

Some of the walls in Gardens will reportedly boast graffiti of moths, another nod to the upcoming legend. Respawn lead writer Amanda Doiron revealed that the Arenas teaser in season eight had the same design scrawled on a wall—a teaser for the season 10 legend, long before their release.

Apex‘s tenth season is scheduled to launch in early August, based on the in-game counter, but Respawn has already started teasing the next competitor in the Apex Games in style. Players can expect more information about the new legend as the next season approaches.

Update July 17 3:32pm CT: Tat the location of the teaser can move around both Olympus and World’s Edge instead of being restricted to Golden Gardens, according to data miner Shrugtal. It can spawn on Gardens, Icarus, Bonsai Plaza, the Rift, and Oasis on Olympus. On World’s Edge, on the other hand, it can appear in Thermal Station, Skyhook, Fragment West, Dome, Survey Camp, and Geyser.