Possible bug lets you take gold attachments off of fully-kitted weapons in Apex Legends

Is it a bug or a feature?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Gold attachments are somewhat rare in Apex Legends. But a new change makes them easier to find—as long as you have a fully-kitted weapon.

A new interaction allows players to switch out attachments between gold guns and their normal counterparts, but it's unclear whether this is a bug or another stealth feature.

After the Chaos Theory patch, players reported being able to extract the attachments from fully-kitted weapons by switching them out with equipment from normal guns. A video shows a legend taking the gold stabilizer off of a gold R-301 by swapping it with the white barrel mod on a normal Alternator. It works with other attachments, according to the author, although they only tried it with magazines.

The fully-kitted weapon had the Alternator's lower-quality stabilizer after exchanging attachments and it was possible to drop it on the ground or match it with another weapon—an R-99 or a Volt, for instance.

The Chaos Theory patch allowed players to swap out sights between gold weapons or care package guns (with the exception of the Kraber) to give players more choice. It's unclear if the interaction is a part of a future patch, an intended feature that was shipped stealthily, or just a bug with the adjustments to gold weapons.

Respawn already launched two unannounced changes in the latest update. Both the bleedthrough on Gibraltar's gun shield and increased visibility on Caustic's gas made their way to the live version of the game but weren't listed in the patch notes.

This interaction could have a series of repercussions. Grabbing fully-kitted weapons could play a bigger role in a match since they can be stripped for parts. Faster players could also remove the high-level attachments and leave the weapon in considerably worse shape for whoever picks it up next.

It's unclear if the issue is a bug or a feature, although it doesn't appear on a list of known issues posted by game director Chad Grenier.