Apex Legends seemingly increased visibility in Caustic’s gas and Bangalore’s smoke

Caustic sees everything—and so does the rest of the lobby.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn seemingly increased the visibility in Caustic’s gas and Bangalore’s smoke in Apex Legends’ latest patch. Comparisons show that the particle effects seem easier to see through after the Chaos Theory update—a visual change that can affect the efficiency of both legends.

Players can see through both Caustic's Nox gas and Bangalore's smoke grenades more easily after the latest patch. The effect is noticeable even from a distance and can make the two legends easy targets for enemy fire. Respawn developer Eric Hewitt mentioned a possible “a small visibility change” that wasn't listed in the Chaos Theory patch notes, which lines up with the adjustments to both abilities.

Obstructing enemies' vision is an important aspect of the two characters' abilities. Caustic's Nox gas made it hard for enemies to see through the fumes from outside—which, coupled with a slowing effect, made it a punishing tool for enemies who rushed into a fortified building. The smoke appears much denser in older footage from before the patch.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Bangalore's smoke grenades, on the other hand, are a versatile tool that can get in the way of the opponents' ability to read situations. A smoke grenade can obstruct a choke point, allow for a quick getaway or reposition, or even blind a Rampart nest. Players may also pop a cloud of smoke to heal up or revive a downed squadmate in relative safety as the particles obfuscate them—although these scenarios seem less likely with the new changes.

The changes to Caustic add up with a significant nerf to his gas in the latest patch. Damage from the gas will tick at a flat rate instead of ramping up based on how long enemies stay inside it. The new traps deal a flat five damage per second, instead of escalating between six and 12 HP.