New Apex Legends character name leak

A data miner found a new character’s name in sound files.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Data miners have been scouring Apex Legends files for leaks about upcoming new content, and one fan found what may be a new character.

One data miner, known for revealing leaked Apex information, found in-game sound files for a legend named Buddy.

In the video, the data miner shows a number of audio files that contain “buddy.” Two files, “buddy_land_slime_3p” and “buddy_sprint_slime_3p,” are revealed, sounding like a character landing in water and splashing about. Some other file names revealed by the data miner are “buddy_crouch_brush” and “buddy_crouch_concrete.”

No other information on “buddy,” such as a release date or a character model, has been discovered.

Leaked information on unreleased characters initially began when data miners found a number of names, including Octane and Wattson, in the game’s files. It continued when files for a “Loot Compass” ability were mined, which fans believe belong to an unreleased legend called Nomad.

Respawn’s community manager, JayFresh, has commented in the past that this information should only be considered speculation, and it's not verified by the company. “We know this stuff is fun to dig up and speculate about, but you should not treat any of that info as a source of truth.”

If anything came from this leaked information, it’s that data miners now have a new keyword to look out for.