How to check the current Apex Legends map rotation?

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Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

All Apex Legends players will get to learn the ins and outs of all the maps in the game as they continue to play. With enough time, players will eventually develop preferences for their favorite maps, whether they want to take a look at the scenic sights of Olympus or Storm Point or just don’t feel like landing on King’s Canyon.

Checking the map rotation while logged into Apex is as easy as going to the main menu, but players may want to look at it without booting up the game or want to plan their gaming sessions in advance. Although there is no official online map tracker outside of the game, fanmade resources can help players keep track of what map is in rotation and what arena will follow.

Two of the most famous map trackers are Kuro’s Apex Map and Apex Legends Status’ current map tracker. They let players check out throughout both game modes, and players can also set alerts for their favorite maps.

Fans can use this system to wait out specific maps and only play when their favorite map is back on the menu. The map pool changes from season to season, meaning specific maps can sit in and out of the game for long periods of time.

Ranked modes also feature a different rotation. For competitive battle royale, the first half of the season takes place on one map, and the second half moves to a different location. Ranked Arenas has a longer timer that differs from the base countdown, meaning players should keep track of the rotation before they dive into matches if they’re looking to sit out of specific maps.