Full Apex Legends map breakdown: Olympus

Here's everything you need to know about the new arena.

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Apex Legends’ seventh season is moving the most popular bloodsport in the Outlands to a whole new arena. The paradisiac city of Olympus houses lavish skyscrapers, bonsai gardens, and luxury estates—and all of them can be the stage for fast-paced firefights.

The map is “roughly a little larger than Kings Canyon,” but slightly smaller than World’s Edge. Olympus features large open areas that players can walk through or traverse with the Trident. But some areas, like the Autumn Estate and the Reverie Lounge, are perfect for close-range combat.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Here’s everything you need to know about Apex’s newest map, Olympus.

Northwest: Oasis, Carrier, Docks


Image via Respawn Entertainment

Oasis’ symmetrical skyscrapers are a testament to the modernity that’s still a core part of Olympus. The POI is made of a large plaza filled with bonsai trees and supply bins, with two gigantic, opposing buildings towering over the square.

Players can enter the skyscrapers in search of loot or to get a height advantage on enemies on the ground. But if any squads follow you in, the ensuing firefight will be up close and personal. Hollowed-out windows offer a chance to flank pursuiters, a risky strategy that might just work. The basement is home to the Velvet Oasis bar, a high-end, loot-filled establishment accessible only through ziplines on the lower levels. 


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The rocket from World’s Edge landed in the northwest of Olympus. This time, players can enter the Arcadia supercarrier and scour it for loot—and there’s plenty of it. The ship is divided into four distinct areas with lateral openings, similar to the smaller buildings in Airbase and Artillery.

Combat inside the carrier takes place in close proximity. Defensive legends such as Caustic or Wattson can change the flow of battle, but Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather serves as a particularly effective recon tool due to the small distance between compartments.


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The industrial area on the northwestern part of the map is called Docks and it comprises one of the largest portions of Olympus. Most of the POI is on relatively flat ground, but a large platform creates a high ground that provides a small height advantage and there are several houses and landing crafts that can serve as cover in a pinch. 

The larger platform contains some manholes that players can drop down into and shake off pursuers or ambush enemies, while the catwalks around the buildings can make for interesting mid-to-long range combat. 

Southwest: Elysium, Hydroponics

The southwest portion of the map doesn’t have many POIs, but that doesn’t mean it’s small. There’s a lot of open space between Hydroponics and Estates and the two POIs connect to several areas of the map.


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The suspended park-like structure is the most scenic route to high-tier loot in Olympus. The outside of Elysium contains a few houses, while the inner ring has a semicircular, closed area and a small garden complete with cherry blossoms, park benches, and trash cans. Elysium is connected to the rest of Olympus via ziplines and jump towers.


Elysium’s next-door neighbor, as evidenced by its name, is a large area dedicated to horticulture. All sorts of crops are spread out between small houses and water pipes connected by catwalks and enemies can use them to move around or jump into the passageways below to try to break a player’s line of sight. 

Players have four major options to go from here: west toward Oasis, east toward Bonsai Plaza, north toward Estates, or taking the Phase Runner portal to go toward the center of the map.

Center: Estates, Hammond Labs, Energy Depot, Turbine, Phase Runner Central


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The Autumn Estates are a series of small, luxury houses bundled close together. Combat in this POI will rarely extend past mid-range, but the rooftops and vantage points can offer a clear view of the neighboring areas.

Mobile legends, such as Octane, Horizon, and Pathfinder, can make use of their verticality to gain an edge on the enemies here. Although the area is its own small gauntlet, squads are vulnerable to enemy fire from the nearby ramp that leads to the Phase Runner between Estates and Hydroponics.

Hammond Labs

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This research facility is located in the center of the map and has several entrances, but only two paths inside. The round part of the laboratory contains two connected semicircular areas, while the other route leads to a square atrium with a mysterious, red, glowing artifact. This room has a few smaller areas to fall back into.

Players who want to channel their inner Octane can drop straight into the facility through the hole in the ceiling and maybe find a small Easter egg at the top of the construction.

Energy Depot 

Part of the industrial force in Olympus, Energy Depot is a large warehouse-like structure with decent loot. The structure itself is slightly similar to Repulsor on Kings Canyon with a flat plane surrounded by four walls, though Depot has stairs instead of houses.

One of the trademarks of the Depot, however, is that all of its connections to adjacent POIs are located in open space. There’s no wall separating Depot and Hammond Labs to the west and the warehouse is just a short walk away from the Rift to the northeast and Gardens on the east side. A small walkway on the far southwest provides a sneaky way out of the area and grants access to a vantage point called Research Basin, which overlooks Hammond Labs and its surrounding areas.


The Turbine is a mid-tier drop zone with a series of catwalks and underpasses that allow fights to take place at different heights. It has a privileged location: it connects to the center of Olympus through a series of maintenance tunnels that lead to Hammond Labs, Energy Depot, and Estates. It’s a good spot to drop if you’re looking for quick loot and even quicker rotations. 

Phase Gateway Central

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Olympus’ portals converge to this unmarked spot in the middle of the map. Two phase gates stand opposite each other: one leads to The Rift and the other to the southwest portion of the map, between Hydroponics and Estates. The Central is a choke point between the center of the map and the southeast corner, and players who use the rift to traverse Olympus can emerge under enemy crosshairs. There’s a brief invulnerability window after exiting a portal—just enough to know if you should hurry back and consider a different approach.

Northeast: Power Grid, Rift, Gardens 

Power Grid

Olympus’ power plant feels like a smaller version of Repulsor and Hydro Dam on Kings Canyon. The area itself houses several small buildings, catwalks, stairs, and containers that create different levels for firefights. Two small bridges separate the north and south halves of the area. 

The Rift

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Three small research camps surround the rift portal at the center of the map, and the houses and supply bins provide more than enough loot for a squad. Two camps take up the south of the area while another, larger set of buildings overlooks the rest of the POI. Ziplines help move around the area and gather all the resources and a Trident sits in the southeast corner of the area.

The gravitational portal is located on an elevated platform in the center of the map. Be careful if you want to look at it up close. The rift sucks you in the second you step foot on the platform and spits you out on Phase Gateway Central in the middle of the map. But you can always backtrack.


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A charming, residential part of Olympus, the golden gardens are a mid-tier loot zone with a small housing complex and scenic walkways. A door on the ground level of the eastern part of the area leads to an indoor garden and a zipline for a quick return.

Southeast: Bonsai Plaza, Solar Array, Orbital Cannon, Grow Towers

Bonsai Plaza

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The crown jewel of Olympus, Bonsai Plaza houses the prestigious Reverie Lounge, only accessible from the dropship or through two nearby elevator shafts. The area contains two opposing skyscrapers and both house symmetrical terraces connected by two walkways on each side. A small cafe is between the buildings. The uppermost part of Bonsai Plaza holds fast-paced, close-quarters combat, with the elevator shafts providing a quick path to elude (or ambush) other enemy squads.

The lower part of the map is the Plaza itself, an open area filled with bonsai trees, supply bins, and some cover. Players can enter the high-rise buildings in the square to find loot or pursue enemies. Although the area is large enough that squads may not bump into each other, we know how Apex works.

Solar Array

The Solar Array feels slightly similar to Salvage on Kings Canyon due to its several small buildings and the hard-to-miss crane. The large structure in the center is surrounded by a gap that leads to a level below and the fastest way to cross without mobility skills is a nearby stairwell. The Array has a line of sight to the three choke points adjacent to it and a jump tower for a swift getaway.

Orbital Cannon

One of the most secluded POIs in Olympus, the Orbital Cannon is a fortified structure with several small buildings arranged in a semicircle around it. It’s a high-tier loot area that can be a good landing spot for less aggressive players. Land, loot, and use the nearby Trident to move to the next location.

Grow Towers

Another unique addition to the Olympian landscape, Grow Towers contains three rotating, multi-storied structures used to grow plants. Each one of them is filled with supply bins and good loot. The area also has a view of both Gardens and Ivory Pass, the unmarked zone between the towers and Solar Array.