Everything we know about the Volt, Apex’s newest weapon

The new season is coming to shake up the SMG meta.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The fifth season of Apex Legends is coming to an end and we’re only a couple of weeks away from a patch filled with new consent.

Respawn Entertainment is once again getting ready to deliver quality content that should match the hype levels of the fans in season six. The developer already showcased a new legend on her way to the games, Rampart, and possible map updates.

A new weapon also caught the eyes of the fans during the teaser for season six. A new SMG called the Volt will be hitting the live servers with the next season. Its name may sound familiar to some fans since the gun was data mined many times before this announcement and there were already fully-fledged visuals of the SMG.

The Volt has deep roots in the Titanfall universe, a game that was also developed by Respawn. While it may be a good idea to dust off Titanfall and test the gun prior to its release, Respawn could also take advantage of Apex’s new mechanics and introduce a gun that plays completely differently.

Here’s everything we know about the Volt so far.

What type of ammo does Volt use?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn’s brief introduction of the weapon indicates that the gun will use Energy ammunition. This makes the Volt the first SMG that uses Energy ammo since the Prowler uses Heavy rounds, while the Alternator and R-99 use Light rounds.

What’s the fire rate and range of Volt?

Respawn hasn’t gone into details regarding the Volt’s stats, but there’s a wiki page available that showcases the gun’s attributes in Titanfall 2.

Assuming the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, the Volt looks like it’ll be effective in close to medium-range combat, like most SMGs. It’s one of the more accurate SMGs in Titanfall 2 and deals the same amount of damage as the game’s Alternator, another SMG that both titles share.

It’s a fully-automatic weapon and has the second-highest default clip size in Titanfall 2. As a point of reference, its firing rate is significantly lower than the Alternator. Still, this flaw could undoubtedly end up being a nonfactor since it has an increased range of effectiveness.

When will Volt become available in Apex?

Image via Respawn/That1MiningGuy

Volt should arrive in Apex alongside the sixth season of the game, Boosted. Season six is scheduled to hit the live servers on Tuesday, Aug. 18.

Make sure to keep your an eyes out for all the other new content that will become available with the season, such as crafting, which will allow you to collect materials throughout the map and build “something better.”

We’ll update this article as more information gets released about the Volt.