When does Apex Legends season 6: Boosted go live?

The new season is just around the corner.

Image via EA Games

Apex Legends’ sixth season can’t come soon enough.

Respawn revealed loads of new content for Apex season six: Boosted today, including a new legend, weapon, and crafting system. And some potential map changes should keep the battle royale feeling fresh and exciting.

When does Apex’s sixth season begin?

Season Six: Boosted is slated to release on Tuesday, Aug. 18, at 12am CT. While new seasons are typically released during the day, the coronavirus pandemic likely changed the timeline a bit. With Boosted kicking off at night, it’ll put less stress on the servers and avoid patch downtime during the day.

What new content can you expect?

Apex fans were finally introduced to Rampart, an “expert modder who made her name in underground fight clubs.” The legend uses a huge, mounted gun (likely named Sheila) to spray her opponents in the trailer, possibly hinting at one of her abilities. And a shield that appears to stop incoming bullets is featured as well, with Bangalore standing behind it and shooting.

The Volt SMG was also revealed as season six’s new weapon, which will use Apex’s energy ammunition to fire. While it’s unclear exactly how it’ll play, the gun’s iteration in the Titanfall universe had a high rate of fire and was accurate from close to mid range.

A crafting system that will allow you to “collect materials from around the map and build something better” will also debut. And after a couple of teasers and a Hammond Robotics shuttle strewn on World’s Edge in the trailer, it’s likely that the map will return with some tweaks.