Apex teaser makes crane in Sorting Factory drop cargo

Construction ahead.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The latest season six teaser in Apex Legends is a small one. Earlier this week, players spotted a mysterious crane holding what could be a rocket thruster—and today, the machinery was placed on the ground.

The crane made its way to World’s Edge on Thursday as the second season six teaser. It carried what the community believes to be a large rocket thruster, considerably bigger than the legends. In today’s teaser, the equipment was placed on the floor, facing east.

The build-up to season six has a common theme: construction in World’s Edge. The first teaser showed a series of Hammond Robotics “future worksite” signs, which could indicate that the morally dubious company isn’t done with Talos just yet. Players spotted the signs in two sections of World’s Edge: Drill Site and on the outskirts of The Dome.

The signs point to a spot south of Sorting Factory and west of The Dome. The crane could be a hint that construction is starting to take place at that unspecified area, which isn’t part of any POIs just yet.

Hammond’s “future worksites” also include Drill Site, an existing POI in the northwestern portion of World’s Edge. The area could get a rework during season six.

Apex‘s next season should go live around mid-August, according to Respawn’s usual schedule. Seasons tend to run for close to three months, and Fortune’s Favor kicked off on May 12. The final teaser is also expected to run until Aug 11, according to data mined information, which could mean that the next chapter could land as soon as Aug 17. Respawn hasn’t officially confirmed a release date, however.

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