Apex teaser shows Hammond Robotics may build more structures on World’s Edge

Drill Site and the area near The Dome could get an overhaul.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Hammond Robotics isn’t done with World’s Edge just yet. Players recently spotted several “future worksite” signs on Apex Legends’ latest map, showing that the corporation still has some interests to pursue in Talos. The signs are located close to The Dome and on Drill Site, which means that the two POIs could see some changes in the next season.

Community figure Frozenfroh spotted the signs on World’s Edge today and cross-referenced each location to estimate where the new construction sites could be. The result is two locations, one in the northwest and another on the southeast side of the map.


The first site is located just west of The Dome and below Sorting Factory. The new construction site would be enclosed between The Dome on the right and a mountain on the left, close to the tree. It’s one of the few open spaces on World’s Edge.

The second construction site could wipe Drill Site off the map since its perimeter fits perfectly on top of the POI. It wouldn’t be the first time that Respawn completely replaced a point on the map, though. The colossal Planet Harvester landed on Talos in season four and took out Fuel Depot.

Apex‘s seasons usually last around three months, and according to that schedule, season six should kick off in early-to-mid August. The signs could be the first in-game teaser for the upcoming season, which could be around three or four weeks away.

Apex‘s season quest finished with the indication that the legends are heading to Olympus, but the new destination’s role is still unclear. Fans speculate that it could be a new map, but even if the Apex Games get a new arena, Respawn could still make changes to World’s Edge.