Apex Legends season 6 teaser puts a gigantic crane in Sorting Factory

This comes less than a week after Hammond Robotics' “future worksite” signs showed up on World's Edge.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is giving its fans another hint at season six. The game’s latest teaser, released today, set down a colossal crane near Sorting Factory and it carries what looks like a rocket thruster.

The crane is on the south side of Sorting Factory, by the train tracks. It lifts a platform carrying what looks like a piece of a rocket thruster, although it’s unclear what it could be used for.

The crane is the second of Apex‘s season six teasers and comes after players found Hammond Robotics “future worksite” signs in Drill Site and near The Dome. Land surveys are also present in some areas, another hint that Hammond intends to build on the POIs. Before season four, a land survey in Fuel Depot signaled changes to the area, which turned out to be the addition of the Harvester.

Sorting Factory is close to one of the possible worksites. The Hammond Robotics signs point to an area south of Sorting Factory and west of The Dome—and the crane could be related to that teaser.

The build-up to season six is far from done, however. Data miners discovered the dates for each teaser, with the last one scheduled to go live on Aug 8. The schedule shows that season six could go live as early as Aug 10, almost three months after the launch of season five, Fortune’s Favor. The upcoming hints could also answer one of the community’s most-asked questions: Is Apex getting a new map for season six?

The story quest, The Broken Ghost, finished with a strong narrative hook that pointed toward Olympus—where Revenant murdered Loba’s parents and the hometown of Octane and Lifeline. Fans have been eager to speculate that Olympus could be a new arena for the Apex Games. So far, there’s no official confirmation of that, but the upcoming teasers could shed some light on the matter.