Apex season 6 launch trailer shows Rampart and possible change to World’s Edge

All hail Sheila.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ mystery announcement turned out to be the season six launch trailer, and it’s bringing plenty of industrial-strength additions to the battle royale. The cinematic teased the new legend Rampart, as well as her skill set, her sidekick Sheila, and a possible map update—all of it coming on Aug. 18.

Rampart knows her way around guns. The expert modder is proficient at crafting weapons from scratch, including her fearsome sidekick: a lethal turret called Sheila. The teaser also showcased some of her skills, which line up with early data-mined information about her kit.

The build-up to season six contained several in-game teasers that hinted at Rampart. The new legend is likely Bangalore’s friend “P”—what better friend for the Sergeant than a gunsmith?—and the “lovely lady Parekh” mentioned in yesterday’s teaser. She’s also behind the graffiti scrawled on the Hammond Robotics signs, which mention “shop Rampart” and “all hail Sheila.”

While Respawn hasn’t released her legend page, data-mined information could provide an accurate glimpse at Rampart’s skillset. One of her possible passives, Gunner, increases magazine capacity and reload rate for LMGs, and Lifeline’s weapon of choice in the launch trailer is a Spitfire.

Her tactical could be the Amped Wall, which makes a hard-to-miss appearance in the trailer. The ordnance soaks up a handful of shots, while a friendly legend shoots clean through it. The ability could serve as a semi-permeable cover that absorbs enemy fire while amplifying the damage of allied shells.

The trailer also shows Rampart’s sidekick, Sheila—a heavy-caliber mounted LMG that allies will reportedly be able to use. Her kit would make Rampart a strong defensive legend who could carve herself a spot in the meta alongside Wattson or Gibraltar.

The launch trailer may have also shown a possible map update to World’s Edge. The cinematic kicks off with a Hammond Robotics shuttle in an area that resembles The Dome and could be one of Hammond’s “future worksites” for season six. A crane carrying a rocket thruster appeared in Sorting Factory as part of a teaser, a possible hint to the upcoming changes to the Talos arena.

Apex‘s sixth season, Boosted, kicks off on Aug 18. Players can warm up to the new season with the Always Be Closing Evolved limited-time mode, which runs between Aug. 11 and 18.