Apex Legends teaser sends out another message to “P”

And P is apparently one of the best gunsmiths in the Outlands.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has another message to the person known as “P.” The battle royale’s latest teaser is a voice memo addressed to the mysterious newly-introduced character. The recording is for “lady Parekh,” who’s likely the recipient of Bangalore’s message.

“Lovely lady Parekh! It’s Dion Bakar,” the message says. “That pistol you modded for me? A thing of beauty! Top tier work. A few new friends of mine got to meet her personally. She is a woman of few words… but when she speaks…baby, they listen.”

“Unfortunately it’s not in the best shape after my last dust-up; you understand,” the message says. “I was wondering if there was any chance at a discount on a replica, between friends. I’d owe you one. You know where to reach me. Bye for now.”

Based on the recording, P is a gunsmith who makes unique or modded weapons. Her profession could explain her ties to Bangalore as an old army buddy and could also help justify her disdain for Hammond Robotics.

Parekh’s appearance could relate to the in-game teasers in World’s Edge. Earlier today, Hammond Robotics’ signs were sprayed over with a mysterious symbol that’s likely her signature. Data miners encountered key bits of information about an upcoming legend called Rampart—and it lines up with Parekh’s identity.

Rampart is reportedly a gunsmith and her logo is featured on two cosmetics already in Apex. Reactive skins for the Flatline and Wingman bear the customized R that’s attributed to Rampart and that wound up on the signs in World’s Edge. Shrugtal, one of Apex‘s most prolific data miners, published a video compiling all the information he’s found about Rampart.

Concept art that surfaced over the course of season five shows an Indian woman with a Bindi (the traditional Hindu dot at the center of the forehead) who could be Rampart. The fact that Parekh is a Hindu last name lends credence to the theory that the two could be the same person.

Another fan theory suggests that the story of Rampart could pull Apex‘s combat medic into the spotlight. Lifeline’s parents are known warmongers and their business could intersect with Rampart. That narrative opportunity would advance the storyline for both Rampart and Lifeline—and Respawn has hinted at more lore for the medic with the shift toward her hometown of Olympus. Dion Bakar doesn’t appear to share Lifeline’s last name, however—an inconsistency in the theory that can be explained by the adoption of a new identity for shady dealings.

Respawn hasn’t officially confirmed that Rampart is the next legend, but an official reveal could be just hours away. Respawn teased an announcement scheduled for 12pm CT tomorrow and it could give fans a first in-depth look at the new legend.