Apex Legends players discover a surprise combo with the new Rev Shell

This will haunt you. Literally.

Fuse in the Anubis-themed skin followed by the Rev Shells that look like a skull
Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Harbingers Collection event in Apex Legends transforms the game into a DOOM-like apocalypse, from the darkness to which World’s Edge has succumbed, to the new Rev Shell grenade. The scariest part is that you can combine the Rev Shell with your legends’ abilities to create an incredibly powerful combo.

In the new limited-time mode, named Living Shell Trios, you can find the Rev Shell. It’s a target-seeking grenade in the shape of a skull. Throw it, and it will look for valid targets who will try to shoot it down before it blows up in their face—literally.

What players didn’t know is that because the Rev Shell is an object with a hitbox, you can actually interact with it in a multitude of surprising ways.

On Sept. 20, a Redditor shared a video where they threw the Rev Shell towards the roof of the building and then grappled to it using Pathfinder’s hook. They flew up high above the other squad and slam-dunked the enemy Wraith.

Needless to say, the community is in awe and is already thinking about what else can interact with the Rev Shell. One Apex player jokingly wrote: “Now slowly we will discover we can mount Shiela on it, Caustic Barrels, Catalyst Walls, and Seer Ult as well.”

It’s all fun in games until you see a skull with a gas barrel flying towards you. Knowing the game, this might just happen. I’m wondering if it’s possible to set up Wattson’s fences on Rev Shells—something to test out later.

We’ll have to wait and see what else Apex Legends players will come up with during this event. Harbingers Collection Event and all its content will last until Oct. 3, 2023, with multiple new skin bundles appearing throughout the upcoming weeks.


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