All skins in the Apex Legends Harbingers event

New skins are on the way.

Fuse is chased by glowing red skulls on World's Edge.
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Halloween is a time for great costumes, and in Apex Legends, it’s a time for great skins with the Harbingers collection event.

Decking out your favorite legend in a spooky or fun skin is always part of the fun around this time of year, and the Harbingers event comes packed with plenty of good options for people who want to give their characters a new look. The Legendaries on offer this time around have a sleek and dark look, with Bangalore’s new skin clearly a highlight.

Of course, there’s also the small matter of a new Heirloom in the event as well, as players scramble to unlock Fuse’s Heirloom Razor’s Edge, one of the best Heirlooms added to Apex in quite some time. That’s in addition to all of the balance changes with the patch, new LTM, World’s Edge After Dark, and more. It’s a good time to be a fan of spooky season.

If you can’t wait to see what new cosmetics and legend skins you can get your hands on, we’ve got you covered. Here are all the skins you can expect to find with the Harbingers event.

All Harbingers event skins in Apex Legends

Fuse Heirloom: Razor’s Edge

Razor's Edge, an electric guitar with blades along the bottom edge and head stock, as well has flamethrower ports.
I wanna rock. Image via Respawn Entertainment

Curse Keeper Ash and Tomb Maker Nemesis

Ash is dressed in a black, silver, and gold skin with a skull painted on her face plate. Next to her is a gold and silver Nemesis skin.
Deadly precision. Image via Respawn Entertainment

Eyes of Horus Bloodhound and Deathweaver Alternator

 Bloodhound is dressed in a black and gold skin with silver and red accents, with their helmet looking like an owl. Next to them is a black and gold Alternator skin.
Hunter’s attire. Image via Respawn Entertainment

Soul Keeper Bangalore and Ruler’s Reach Longbow

Bangalore is dressed in a black, gold, and purple skin, and wears a helmet that looks like the Egyptian god Anubis. Next to her is a matching Logbow skin.
Ancient firepower. Image via Respawn Entertainment

Pharaoh’s Guardian Fuse and The Judge Rampage

Fuse is dressed in a black, gold, silver, and red skin, wearing a full helmet and armor-like clothing. Next to him is a matching Rampage skin.
A little regal, eh? Image via Respawn Entertainment

Ra Talent Seer and Beetle Buster Prowler SMG

Seer is dressed in a black and gold skin, and wears a helmet that covers the top half of his face with a golden halo around it. Next to him is a matching Prowler skin.
The gift of sight. Image via Respawn Entertainment

Grave Protector Gibraltar and Eclipse Bringer Charge Rifle

Gibraltar has a bald head, purple skin, and ornamental black and gold armor on his shoulders, legs, forehead, and chin. Next to him is a matching Charge Rifle skin.
Solemn protector. Image via Respawn Entertainment

Glyph Rebellion Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie runs towards the camera with purple skin, glowing blue eyes, and gold armor ornaments.
Lil bit intimidating, yeah? Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

Terrifying Gaze Loba

The Terrifying Gaze Loba skin, a purple and gold skin that gives Loba purple skin and glowing red eyes.
Scary fashion. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Rune Goddess Catalyst

The Rune Goddess skin, a gold, red, and black skin that gives Catayst glowing purple accents.
Taking crystal girls to new heights. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Obelisk Ballistic

The Obelisk Ballistic skin, a red and black skin that gives Ballistic blue skin and beneath his trademark red glasses.
A refined touch. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Scarab’s Wing L-STAR

The Scarab's Wing L-STAR, a gold weapon with green hieroglyph details.
Get ancient. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Glyph Shot Flatline

The Glyph Shot Flatline, a light brown weapon with green glowing hieroglyphs on the magazine.
Decipher this. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Chaos Prophecy HAVOC

Chaos Prophecy HAVOC, a gold, red, and black weapon with red striping above a glowing blue barrel.
Introduce some mayhem. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Epitaph Sentinel

Epitaph Sentinel, a green and gold sniper rifle with green hieroglyphs.
Greetings from afar! Screenshot by Dot Esports
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