Apex Legends fan suggests Mirage buffs to make the character a viable option

The loud-mouthed legend does need some love.

Image via EA

Mirage is one of the most iconic champions in Apex Legends. The charming, loud-mouthed character is popular but isn’t always the most effective champion.

His ultimate and tactical abilities are useful and can help players get out of sticky situations, but other legends have more consistent abilities that usually make them a better choice. One Apex fan has a few ideas on how to buff Mirage to make him a better legend.

An Apex player explained how a few tweaks to Mirage’s current abilities would make him a more powerful legend. Their first suggestion is to increase the length of time Mirage is invisible while knocked down. His passive ability makes him invisible for five seconds when knocked down, which gives players a small window to hide. But it’s often ineffective. Increasing the invisibility period to seven or eight seconds would give players just enough time to be able to effectively use the passive ability to their advantage.

The player also suggested changing the decoys that are available while skydiving. Players can send out two clones to confuse enemy teams, but this isn’t always effective. This fan believes that one set of three clones would give off the illusion of a full squad dropping and have a better chance of fooling an enemy team.

Another change suggested is adding another clone to Mirage’s tactical ability and making their movement more dynamic. Mirage can only send out one clone that runs in a straight line and is easy to identify in most environments. A second clone would add more targets and make it harder for enemies to figure out which one is the real Mirage. More dynamic movement would also make the clones harder to identify since advanced movements like sliding or climbing walls would make them seem real.

The final suggestion is to remove Mirage’s current ultimate ability, which sends out a team of decoys while the legend is cloaked. The fan thinks his ultimate should be replaced with the “Emergency Dance Party” ultimate that was featured in the Dummies Big Day event. The Emergency Dance Party creates a team of decoys that mimic the player’s movements and makes it extremely difficult to figure out which Mirage is real. This would likely be more effective than Mirage’s current ultimate, which is easy to keep track of after seeing it in a few games.

These suggestions have been well received by other fans who also want the iconic legend to become more viable. These are still fan-made suggestions, however, so there’s no guarantee that they’ll ever make it into Apex.