Apex’s new DUMMIEs Big Day limited-time game mode replaces all legends with test dummies

The final Grand Soirée game mode evens the playing field.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The final mode of Apex Legends’ Grand Soirée Arcade event, named DUMMIEs Big Day, is now live and introduces a unique experience for fans of the battle royale. 

In DUMMIEs Big Day, all legends are replaced with test dummies who come in various colors. The DUMMIEs do not speak or have any quips, and their selection animation is a pallet swap of Bangalore’s. The DUMMIEs also have their own unique ultimate and abilities.

The DUMMIEs’ passive is called Good Hustle and doesn’t seem to do anything to change gameplay. The description for the passive is “We’re really proud of you, sweetie!” which does not provide any further information on the ability’s effects. Players have speculated this quote may be from Mirage’s mother, as one of the DUMMIEs ultimates seems to also reference the legend.

The new tactical ability, Loot Spawner, allows players to summon random loot items for “testing purposes.” Items spawned from this ability include attachments, health items, and ammo. 

The DUMMIEs’ ultimate is called Panic Button and has three different possible variants. One ultimate activates an emergency dance party which creates several clones that mimic the players movement. The description of DUMMIEs Big Day states “the game ain’t gonna test itself,” which may be hinting that this new ultimate will replace Mirage’s current ultimate.

Another variant of the ultimate activates an “Emergency Area Heal” which heals everyone in the immediate area. The third variant activates an “Emergency Loot Piñata” that drops weapons, ammo, and armor for the player.

The DUMMIEs Big Day limited-time mode ends on Jan. 28 and will close out the Grand Soirée Arcade event.