Apex Legends data miner teases weapons, changes to third person and SBMM

"Seems likely we’ll have a third-person playlist or LTM soon."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends could be getting new weapons, a third-person mode, and an overhaul of its skill-based matchmaking at some point, according to data miner That1MiningGuy.

He revealed earlier today that he found evidence of a series of forthcoming changes to Apex in the game’s files.


Some of the changes will be cosmetic-only alterations. Players will likely be able to customize the player panel in the bottom left with skins at some point in the future. That1MiningGuy also found traces of “favorite skins,” which could mean that players will be able to rotate through different skins in the character select screen or randomize between previously selected visuals.

The data miner announced “tons of changes to third-person effects,” too. He speculates that there could be a limited-time mode or a separate playlist for third-person gameplay. This could relate to the opt-in/opt-out playlists he found in the game files. It’s also possible that King’s Canyon could make a return to the map pool and players would be able to choose which maps to play.

Regarding new armaments, Respawn added audio files for the anticipated Volt SMG, an energy submachine gun hailing from the Titanfall franchise. Recoil patterns for an unknown sniper rifle called “Sentinel” were referenced in the game files as well.

That1MiningGuy also leaked changes to Apex’s skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) system. It’s unclear exactly what the tweaks are, “because a lot of that is obfuscated / server sided,” but the data miner said that “some variables were adjusted.”

“I can’t see enough of the code to really know how it works,” he tweeted. “I can see that it was adjusted (by comparing it to the script from the previous build) – but I can’t tell if that means it was tuned down, up, etc. Sorry.”

Parts of the Apex community are vocal critics of the game’s matchmaking. Some users believe that SBMM places them with players above their skill level and gets in the way of casual play. “If we wanted to play a skill-based mode we would just play ranked,” a Reddit user commented on an old thread. The official Apex subreddit has two mod-sanctioned “megathreads” specifically to discuss SBMM.

The SBMM changes came with the Holo-Day Bash, Apex’s holiday-themed limited-time event, according to That1MiningGuy. New skins are available for most legends and weapons, and the new Winter Express mode pits players off against each other to capture a moving train. World’s Edge is also home to the Mirage Voyage, part of the Mirage Town Takeover. Players can start the party in the ship to get a free legendary skin for the G7 Scout.