Apex fan 3D-prints lifelike replica of Ash’s sword

"Hmm. Impressive."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends might have one of the most creative player bases of any online game. One Apex fan shared their creation to the social media platform yesterday: a lifelike, 3D-printed replica of Ash’s sword.

The replica’s creator, 03MendicantBias, included a photo album of the sword, showing off different angles of the weapon. The sword shares all the same qualities as Ash’s weapon in game; it has a beige handle with a red thumb-grip, a slightly serrated blade on the side closest to the hilt, and a blue line stretching down the blade’s metal. “Phase Breach”—the name of Ash’s ultimate, which opens a phase tear using the simulacrum’s sword—can be seen in white paint on the weapon’s hilt, along with a few symbols.

The Reddit user has 3D-printed and posted images of a number of items from the Apex universe, including Revenant’s mask, Ash’s faceplate, Valkyrie’s Birthright helmet, and a Nessie keychain. Fans can find 03MendicantBias’ full collection of Apex-themed replicas in their Reddit bio.

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03MendicantBias told fellow commenters on the Reddit post they would share a 3D file so others can print their own Ash sword. In the meantime, fans with a 3D printer can use this file from Cults, a 3D-printing platform where users can upload and share designs, that features a similar, if not identical, version of Ash’s blade. Just make sure you have paint on hand to give it the final touches.