Pathfinder player hits the most stylish Kraber clip of the day in Apex

When in doubt, hip fire.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Anyone who has been in a close-range fight in Apex Legends knows that the Kraber has the potential to be the scariest shotgun in the game. Top players have been hip firing the Kraber up close since almost the inception of the game since the reward of an instant 145 damage to the body of most characters is too good to pass up.

Increasing the distance you’re trying to hip fire the Kraber at significantly increases the difficulty of landing a shot, of course. Throwing in some zip line jumps while you’re at it? Sounds impossible.

Of course, that means Reddit user Responsible-T went and landed this Kraber shot not once, but twice in a row to secure the most stylish kill you’ll see today.

The movement idea is nice enough to begin with, taking advantage of the zip line mechanic where attaching and jumping off of a zip line in quick succession gives players an extra bit of momentum. This is used to bounce straight up in the air. Combining that with the audacity to try multiple Kraber shots, while in the air? This is just disgusting stuff. The second hip fire shot landing from a solid 10 to 20 meters away is enough to make most people uninstall the game on the spot.

For those of you who will surely go and attempt this exact trick in your next couple of games, always remember that usually, you don’t get to see all the failed attempts that lead up to the clip. Maybe avoid trying this out in ranked and stick to LTMs like Responsible-T for your Kraber shenanigans.