All the changes coming to Apex Legends in season 5, Fortune’s Favor

New skins, map changes, and more.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ fourth season is coming to an end. Over the past week, Respawn Entertainment has slowly released new trailers and teasers for the battle royale’s fifth season, named Fortune’s Favor, building the hype for what’s in store next week.

The game’s fifth season drops on May 12, bring a slew of new changes to the battle royale. Many of these features encompass changes players have seen from previous seasons, such as map changes and a new playable character. But Fortune’s Favor is also introducing new mechanics the game has never seen before, including Season Quests and Treasure Packs.

Here are all the changes coming to Apex Legends with the release of season five.

Map changes

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Perhaps one of the most striking changes introduced in the season five trailer was the dramatic alterations made to Kings Canyon.  

After Loba enters a secret underground vault beneath Skull Town, the popular landing zone is annihilated, falling into the sea below the island. But with the town’s destruction comes new places to loot, including a cliff-side area which players will be able to grapple or translocate to.

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Similarly, there seems to be a second new area filled with massive ducts and small buildings. The area also includes a new beacon that instantly charges Gibraltar’s ultimate ability when he approaches. Where these buildings are in Kings Canyon, however, remains unclear.

New playable legend

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex’s next playable legend is named Loba, the Translocating Thief. Respawn has yet to unveil Loba’s full ability list, but fans have a small idea of what she does based on the season trailer. Her abilities seemingly include a translocator that allows her to escape tricky situations and a cane that opens up a “shop,” which allows her team to steal weapons and equipment.

Like previous legend releases, Loba will be available for purchase for 12,000 Legend Tokens or for 750 Apex Coins.

Season Quests

Season Quests are large stories told in weekly installments. Players will need to accomplish a specific goal each week before finding the next clue of the puzzle.

The first quest is named “The Broken Ghost” and runs until the end of the season. Players will need to hunt for nine pieces of a mysterious artifact through nine weekly hunts. To do so, they’ll have to hunt Prowlers, the four-legged beasts that were first introduced in The Old Ways event and roam throughout the map. Hunts resemble raids from other games and can be completed either with your squad or solo.

Before unlocking a hunt, players will need to collect five Treasure Packs—lootable items that drop from supply crates and containers around the map. Players will be limited to one treasure pack per day.

Treasure Packs

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Treasure Packs resemble tool boxes and will appear randomly when players loot bins and supply drops. They’re found in Duos, Trios, limited-time modes, and ranked and can be found only once per day. Treasure Packs don’t appear in your inventory after picking them up. Instead, they’ll appear in the lobby once the match is complete.

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Treasure Packs contain a variety of rewards such as crafting metals, battle pass XP, and Apex Packs. Upon collecting five Treasure Packs, players will unlock the weekly hunt. There are a total of 45 Treasure Packs to collect throughout the season.

New battle pass

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

New season, new battle pass. Like every previous season, Fortune’s Favor will introduce new skins and other cosmetics alongside the season’s battle pass. Players will be able to purchase the battle pass once the season goes live for 950 Apex Coins.

The season trailer briefly showed off a handful of these skins, including one featuring Bangalore with short hair and one with a black and golden-themed Revenant.