Apex Legends season 5 gameplay trailer shows off dramatic changes to Kings Canyon

Skull Town and Thunderdome are no more.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Loba really knows how to make an entrance—even if it’s at the expense of Kings Canyon.

The Apex Legends Fortune’s Favor gameplay trailer gave fans a closer look at the new changes to Kings Canyon today. Skull Town and Thunderdome have been replaced by Salvage. A couple of other new locations litter the beloved map, which should spice things up for season five.

Respawn gave fans a brief glimpse into what used to be Skull Town. As the camera zooms out from Loba to the explosion’s aftermath, you can see bones littering the floor and cranes in the air.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Salvage is the “dangerous new area” that “sits in the newly formed bay.” While players will be able to loot and fight on top of it, it’s unclear if you can safely visit the bones underneath. But the trailer ends with Loba performing a finishing move on Revenant inside of a cliff-side cove. Players will likely be able to visit this area, which may overlook Salvage.

Respawn also showed off another new location, filled with massive ducts and short buildings.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

While it’s unclear where exactly on Kings Canyon it’ll be, fans can see the Singh Labs portal in the distance. This potentially suggests that it’ll be somewhere in the middle of the map.

The trailer also shows Gibraltar instantly charging his ultimate when visiting a power beacon at a new location. It’s unclear if these beacons will be strewn all over Kings Canyon or if there will only be one. But legends whose ultimates take longer to charge will benefit greatly from this mechanic.

Fans can jump into Fortune’s Favor on May 12, when season five goes live.