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Abiotic Factor character has built a bridge over a gap in the control center
Screenshot by Dot Esports

How to reset the security system in Abiotic Factor

Show those marines how fun it is to be fired at.

If you’re sick of those marines that are always trying to kill you in Abiotic Factor, then resetting the security system is the most satisfying mission in the game. This can be a tricky task, though, and dying is all too common. Fortunately, I’m here to help you out. Here’s how to reset the security system in Abiotic Factor.

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Before you reset the security system in Abiotic Factor

Abiotic Factor Electro-Thrower crafting recipe
One of the best weapons in the game. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Time for some prep work, scientist. Here’s what you need before you reset the security system in Abiotic Factor

  • Three Bridge (Wood)
  • X-ray Tower (or X-ray Light)
  • Four Leyak Essences
  • Weapons (I recommend the Electro-Thrower)
  • Healing items (The Healing Briefcase is amazing here)
  • Keypad Hacker (Tier 3)

Don’t try to carry all of these at once, especially the Four Leyak Essences. Just follow my guide and do one thing at a time. With all this in mind, head to the Containment Area, through the Jura door (the open door with the yellow paint) and get to the area with live-firing turrets.

How to get into the Control Center in Abiotic Factor

Abiotic Factor player is making a bridge to cross the live turret section
Don’t face the turrets. Make a bridge. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Before you reset the security system in Abiotic Factor, you need to go through the live-firing turret section. The easiest and safest way is to build a bridge across the gap. You need three wooden boards to make a lovely bridge, like mine. You can also use a shield to get to the other side, or drive a vehicle across the live-firing zone, but I don’t recommend anything so reckless.

Abiotic Factor Zombie Furniture store Portal
One of the most fun Portal Worlds in Abiotic Factor. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Once you make it across, go through the area and finish the Zombie Furniture store Portal world (it’s so much fun). Once you finish the Portal World, you get teleported back to the top of the area you were just in. Deal with the enemies in the area, and enable the elevator for easy access later. 

Further down this area, you come across an X-ray checkpoint that needs four Leyak Essences to go through it. Analyze the wall computer next to the checkpoint for the X-ray Light crafting recipe.

Now… what the heck is a Leyak and how do we get its Essence?

How to get Four Leyak Essences

A Leyak is floating and staring at the player in Abiotic Factor
Leyak? Oh, you mean my nightmares for the next few months! Screenshot by Dot Esports

Leyaks are nightmare-fuel. They’re floating tentacle creatures that float slowly, follow you around slowly, and make a faint sigh when they’re close. You’ve likely encountered a few of these creatures by now, and likely know how to make them go away (stand close to them and stare at them for about 15-20 seconds and they disappear). I’ll probably have nightmares about them long after I finish playing this game.

Leyak is being hit by an X-ray beam in Abiotic Factor
No more sighing for you! Screenshot by Dot Esports

There is an easier and more effective way to get rid of them (even if you provoke them): X-rays. Make an X-ray Tower, plug it into a socket, and make a Leyak walk into the beam. The Leyak will evaporate and leave behind a round red orb; this is the Leyak Essence. I highly recommend you use one Essence to build the X-ray Light (which runs on chargeable batteries), so you don’t have to look for a socket and set up the X-ray Tower every time. 

Additionally, the Leyak Essences are radioactive, so don’t walk around with them. Instead, store them somewhere, and when you have all four, wear a hazmat suit, take some anti-radiation pills, and carry them to the checkpoint. 

Abiotic Factor: How to reset the security system

This is the part where you need good weapons and healing items (maybe bring a bowl of Soup, too). After you get the four Leyak Essences and make it through the X-ray checkpoint, tread carefully, because there are turrets everywhere. 

Abiotic Factor making a run for it through the turrets
Make a run for it to the elevator. You will take some damage but should survive. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You start at the lowest floor. There are several spots on this floor where a single wrong move can make a turret shoot you. While on the bottom floor, hug the right wall, and (if you want) aggro a few enemies back to the checkpoint gate and take them out one at a time. When you get to the corner of the wall, run straight left toward the elevator on the other side (the turrets will fire at you, but they shouldn’t deal too much damage if you are quick). Head to the upper floor.

Be careful in here. There are two snipers ready to kill you at the far end of the room. Make your way toward them while taking cover behind pillars and the kitchen counters. When you reach them, take out the one with the mask first (if you have an Electro-Thrower, they should go down easily). Once they’ve been dealt with, head down the hall where all the dead bodies are and climb up the stacked suitcases. The security system reset button is up there. Disable it and enjoy the fireworks. Now, you can safely pass through the live-fire zone and eventually get the Anteverse Gel.

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