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Tarasque is charging at the player in Abiotic Factor
Screenshot by Dot Esports

How to get Anteverse Gel in Abiotic Factor

Get ready for an adventure. No seriously, get ready!

If you’re looking for Anteverse Gel, congratulations on making it so far into Abiotic Factor. Believe it or not, you need to kill a giant monster, jump on mushrooms, and then make some seriously powerful explosives.

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Buckle up, fellow scientist, because this one gets weird.

Before you get Anteverse Gel in Abiotic Factor

Tarasque is lying dead in Abiotic Factor
Arm yourself to the teeth for this fight. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Before you go and get the Anteverse Gel in Abiotic Factor, you need to do the following:

  • Have access to the Containment Area (more importantly, the area behind the door with the Yellow paint all over it).
  • Have a Keypad Hacker (Tier Three).
  • Have an X-ray Lamp or Tower (for fighting Layeks).
  • Have some strong weapons (I recommend making one or two Electro-Throwers).

The best time to get the Gel is after you regain control of the station and reroute the turrets to fire at marines, but if you’re feeling bold, you can get the Anteverse Gel even earlier.

Abiotic Factor: How to get Anteverse Gel

Jura containment cell in Abiotic Factor
It all starts from here. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Ho, boy, here we go! The Anteverse Gel is in a Mushroom Portal world (similar to the first Portal world you visited where you got the Anteverse Wheat). Unfortunately, to open the Mushroom Portal world, you need to kill a giant monster, Tarasque. This monster is inside a containment guarded by automatic turrets. This is the area you get to from the main Containment area, by heading through the open cell door with yellow paint plastered all over it.

I highly recommend you build a bridge across and progress through the story normally until you reroute the turrets to not fire at you; if you’re feeling bold, you can risk it all and try to run past the turrets either with a vehicle or by holding a shield. This way you can get to Tarasque even faster but, again, I don’t recommend this method.

Instead, gather four Leyak essences (by using an X-ray Lamp), regain control of the turrets, and casually walk into Tarasque’s cell (more like a playground, but whatever).

How to get Tarasque Ichor

Tarasque can't reach the player in Abiotic Factor
Tarasque almost looks like it’s smiling. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You don’t want to fight this giant head-on. Instead, bait it to follow you downstairs. There is a gate that’s big enough for you to go through but not big enough for the Tarasque, so get on the other side and fire at it from a safe distance. Alternatively, you can also go through one of the doors and get to higher ground. Tarasque won’t be able to get you if you are high but it’s much easier downstairs in my opinion.

Fire at Tarasque with your less potent weapons to make it fall to its knees. When this happens, it opens its scales revealing a vulnerable yellowish skin. Fire at this with your strongest weapons. You’ll know you’re on the right track if Tarasque starts to show cracks. Continue with this until it’s down for good.

Finally, grab a knife or a spear and slash at Tarasque’s corpse. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the Tarasque Ichor. If not, simply wait until the next day to fight it again (I got it on my second attempt).

Tarasque Ichor is on the floor in Abiotic Factor
Time to visit the Mushroom Kingdom. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Tarasque Ichor is the thing that opens the Mushroom Portal world.

Opening the Mushroom Portal world

You may already know where this Portal is. In the round Containment area, it’s on the topmost floor on the left when you exit the elevator. You can’t miss it because it’s surrounded by giant mushrooms. Make your way there, go down into the chamber where the machine is, and insert a Tarasque Ichor. Go back up and use your Keypad Hacker to start the machine and open the Portal. Jump in and head for Mushroom Kingdom.

While it doesn’t look anything like the Mushroom Kingdom from Super Mario, you still get to bounce on Mushrooms. It’s really hot inside this world but if you have a bit of water, you should be fine (I only had half a bowl of Soup and I made it out just fine). You need to head to the very tip top of the Mushroom mountain. 

Abiotic Factor Anteverse Gel is in the Mushroom Portal world
Finally! There’s the darn Gel. Screenshot by Dot Esports

More importantly, as you make your way there, collect all the Anteverse Gel you can carry. They look like weird glowing stones on the ground and are easy to spot. As soon as you collect one, you unlock the crafting recipe for the Antethermite which you need to progress further into the story.

Well, done for making it this far. Only a bit more to go before you finish the game. Good luck, scientist.

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