Anteverse Wheat in Abiotic Factor growing in the Anteverse
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How to get Anteverse Wheat in Abiotic Factor

Once you try Anteverse Wheat, you never go back.

Getting food and healing items can be annoying and tedious in Abiotic Factor. Fortunately, you can get some Anteverse Wheat to make things easier. Here’s where to find Anteverse Wheat in Abiotic Factor.

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Before you look for Anteverse Wheat in Abiotic Factor

Abiotic Factor recipe for Energy Brick
Make sure you have one before you head out. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Make an Energy Brick before you look for the Anteverse Wheat in Abiotic Factor. The Energy Brick is the item you used when you opened the cafeteria door and encountered the first large alien. You’ll need another one to progress into a different zone, so make sure you have one in your inventory.

Anteverse Wheat location in Abiotic Factor

From the main hallway, head to the Level 2 Reception area. Be careful in this area because there are many enemies—mostly face-huggers, but a few large ones can roam around. Keep going until you hit a fork. The right path leads to the Security Office, and the right leads to Data Farm and Bio Lab D. Head to the left towards the Security Office (again, be careful of enemies here).

Keep going this way, past the resting area and the security booth. A little further, you’ll notice a closed garage-like door powered by a generator with the missing Energy Brick. Use the Energy Brick in your inventory (you did bring one, didn’t you?) to open the gate. Through the gate, there’s a service elevator to Level 3 on your right—take it. Once you reach level three, first unlock the shortcut to the main lobby (extremely useful) and head to the portal in the middle of the room. If you played Half-Life, you know where you’re heading.

Before jumping into the portal, take some Iodine Tablets (on the tables in front of the portal). These reduce your incoming radiation, and as you can imagine, the place you’re going is full of it. Jump through the portal and enter the Anteverse. Here, you can gather a bunch of Anteverse Wheat. On my first trip to the Anteverse, I gathered about 15 Anteverse Wheat. Be careful because there are humanoid monsters around. Luckily, they are pretty easy to avoid and take care of if you have the right weapons.

What to do with Anteverse Wheat in Abiotic Factor

Super Tomato Seeds crafting recipe in Abiotic Factor
Time to move up from regular to Super Tomatoes. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You can use Anteverse Wheat to make healing and food items. I suggest making a bunch of Healing Syringes as soon as possible because you can never have too many of them. Additionally, use some Anteverse Wheat to make some Super Tomato Seeds. Super Tomatos make regular Tomatoes look like grapes, so it’s worth planting a few so you don’t have to rely on vending machines. 

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