Konami confirms new amiibo and promo cards for Yu-Gi-Oh Rush Duel: Saikyou Battle Royale!!

Three promo cards and some new amiibo functionality have been revealed.

Image via Konami

Most Yu-Gi-Oh! video games get some form of bonus content in the form of actual trading cards being packaged with the physical release of each product. 

This trend is going to continue with Yu-Gi-Oh Rush Duel: Saikyou Battle Royale!!, the newest game that will release for Nintendo Switch on Aug. 12 in Japan. 

Konami confirmed that multiple physical cards will be included within the physical box for Saikyou Battle as bonuses, but only for the first print of the game. This will include one Legend Card in the form of a Secret Rare Pot of Greed. 

The three promo cards will be Pot of Greed, Dark Magician Girl, and the one of the titular cards, Saikyo Battle Flag Ace Breaker. All of them will be released in Secret Rare foiling and will be sought after since they will be limited print promos, despite Rush Duels only being a format in Japan at the moment. 

Additionally, cards with amiibo functionality have also been announced, which means players can scan certain cards to gain additional content in the game itself. This includes custom elements for your Duelist Avatar, Card Sleeves, Deck Cases, and Duel Fields. 

These amiibo cards will be included as pre-order bonuses for the physical version of Saikyou Battle, though no additional details have been made available. 

Konami also confirmed that Saikyou Battle will include cards released through the Deck Modification Pack: Destined Power Destruction!! booster pack, which was released on Feb. 13.