The best mount equipment in World of Warcraft

Because your Cloud Serpent could really use a new pair of shoes.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Mount Equipment is a relatively niche but necessary feature in World of Warcraft. Although it’s only accessible through a tiny window in your mount interface, the impact that Mount Equipment has on your character is still relatively large. Each piece of individual mount equipment in World of Warcraft applies a special bonus effect to your mounts, many of which can be valuable—especially in solo content.  

Right now, there are only five pieces of mount equipment available to players in World of Warcraft, but each of them has its own unique perks and is deserving of a place in your inventory. From water walking to drastic speed boosts, each piece of mount equipment in WoW has the potential to upgrade your cavalry with specialized perks.

Here are all of the pieces of mount equipment that players can attach to their mounts in WoW

Anglers’ Water Striders

Effect: Water Walking
Source: Purchasable from Nat Pagle

When Water Strider mounts had their innate water walking ability stripped from them during the Battle for Azeroth expansion, this item became the go-to for players who were looking to use their mounts to get across bodies of water without having to swim. Every class in the game will find the Water Strider upgrade useful, especially in solo content where bodies of water can be difficult to traverse. To acquire the item and make your mount walk on water, seek out legendary fisherman Nat Pagle. He can be found in either the Krasarang Wilds or your Garrison on Draenor, and sells the Anglers’ Water Striders for 50 gold. 

Comfortable Rider’s Barding

Effect: Prevents dazed effect while mounted
Source: Leatherworking

If you’re looking to use your mount without being stunned, slowed, or dazed, the Comfortable Rider’s Barding is the perfect mount equipment to keep you trudging along. This piece of mount equipment can be crafted by leatherworkers who have at least 165 points in Battle for Azeroth Leatherworking or 90 points in Shadowlands Leatherworking. 

Light-Step Hoofplates

Effect: Increased ground seed by 20 percent
Source: Enchanting

The Light-Step Hoofplates are particularly useful for classes that don’t have any built-in buffs for their mount in their kits. Death Knight and Paladin players won’t see much of a bonus from the Hoofplates, but other classes will reap its benefits heavily. The extra ground speed granted by the Hoofplates is nice in zones where you can’t fly. But if you have the ability to use a flying mount, we’d recommend opting for that approach since you’ll be much faster overall.


Effect: Pulls a parachute whenever dismounting from a high point
Source: Tailoring

If you ever find yourself falling from incredibly high distances on a regular basis, the Saddlechute will ensure that you don’t plummet to your death. Two seconds after dismounting off a high point, this piece of equipment will deploy a parachute to soften your fall. The Saddlechute isn’t particularly useful for classes with abilities that can interrupt falling, such as Monks and Mages, but it can still be valuable to practically every other class in certain situations. 

Inflatable Mount Shoes

Effect: Water walking
Source: Blacksmithing

If you’re looking to let your mount walk on water but don’t have immediate access to Nat Pagle’s inventory, you might want to look toward the Inflatable Mount Shoes as an alternative—especially if one of your characters is a Blacksmith by trade. You’ll need 150 points in Kul Tiran or Zandalari Blacksmithing to craft the Inflatable Mount Shoes. But if you have a character who grinded the Blacksmithing profession during the Battle for Azeroth expansion, you’ll be able to access this piece of equipment relatively easily.