Asmongold says he’s tired of ‘handicaps and intentional time-wasting mechanisms’ in World of Warcraft

The streamer explained the mistakes Blizzard has been making with new WoW expansions.

Images via Asmongold/Blizzard

With Blizzard Entertainment dropping World of Warcraft Patch 9.2 (Eternity’s End) in February, fans of the MMO franchise are beginning to look ahead to the next expansion.

But Asmongold, one of the most popular WoW streamers on Twitch, isn’t one of them. In one of his recent streams, Asmon explained what annoyed him the most about Blizzard’s game, and why he’s done with it—at least for now.

Asmon pointed out a fair reason as to why some players, including himself, may be turning away from WoW. “A lot of people are tired of Blizzard releasing the same garbage every patch and pretending like it’s new,” he said. “They’re tired of Blizzard introducing a new system with intentional fucking handicaps and intentional time-wasting mechanisms only to wait to be applauded whenever they remove them, you know, a year later.”

When you look at the history of WoW, it’s hard to disagree with the streamer. When Battle for Azeroth launched in 2018, a lot of people complained about Island Expeditions, Azerite Armor, and Heart of Azeroth, which took a considerable amount of time to grind. In Shadowlands, which released in 2020, many also voiced their dissatisfaction with Conduits and the Covenant system.

“I’m just tired of this. I’m fucking tired of it, I don’t wanna deal with this anymore, it’s exhausting. And yeah, it’s all that it comes down to,” Asmongold said.

As a veteran WoW player, Asmongold is known for underlining the issues the franchise has been facing throughout the years. The next expansion in the series is scheduled to be announced on April 19. Asmon has already said that if Blizzard doesn’t spend enough time working on it, WoW could be reaching its end.