Arena World Championship Shadowlands Season 1 Finals: Scores and Results

Show me what you got.

Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

The best World of Warcraft arena teams in the world are set to clash this weekend with two titles on the line, one in Europe and one in North America, for the Arena World Championship Season One Finals.

Each four-team, double-elimination bracket has its own $100,000 prize pool, and all of the teams involved qualified through AWC Cups earlier this year.

The European portion of the competition will take place on Saturday, May 1 starting at 12pm CT, and the North American bracket will be played out on Sunday at the same time. Matches before the finals will be a best-of-five, and the finals will be best-of-seven. All action can be caught live on the official WoW YouTube channel. This will be the final AWC event before Blizzard releases Shadowlands’ next big update, Patch 9.1.

Results for the event will be posted and updated here as they become final.

Image via World of Warcraft