Arena World Championship Shadowlands season 1, Cup 4: Scores and results

It's the last week before the Circuit Finals.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The fourth and final cup of the Arena World Championship season one is this weekend—and there’s still a lot to be decided. 

Only the top four World of Warcraft teams from each region will get a chance to compete in the AWC Circuit Finals and there are squads on the bubble in both Europe and America.

There are 60 points in Europe that separate third-place Reload Esports and sixth-place Creed. Meanwhile, the Americas’ fourth-place team, Charlotte Phoenix, are only 40 points ahead of the Golden Guardians.

Getting first place this weekend rewards 120 toward qualification, while second and third give 100 and 80 points, respectively. Fourth place is worth 60 points, fifth and sixth give 40 points, and seventh and eighth get 20.

It’ll be difficult for teams outside of the top four in each region to earn a spot because of how consistently dominant the top teams in each region have been so far. But if any team can string a few wins together, they could turn the circuit qualification on its head. 

Matches begin today with both regional finals taking place on Sunday, March 7. The double-elimination brackets can be watched on World of Warcraft’s official YouTube channel.

Both regions’ brackets will be posted and updated here throughout the weekend as the results are finalized.

Image via World of Warcraft
Image via World of Warcraft