Arena World Championship Shadowlands season 1, Cup 3: Scores and results

Will Method maintain dominance?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Method are dominating the Arena World Championship scene in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands season one after picking up the NA roster previously known as Kawhi.

After winning both of the first two AWC Cups in the Americas region, the newly named Method NA squad is strongly positioned going into the third cup.

Meanwhile, Method EU leads the overall European standings with a first and second-place finish. But don’t worry, Method isn’t without competition. 

In the Americas, Cloud9 and OTK are tied in total points, vying for that second-place spot below Method. On the European side of things, Skill Capped EU is right on Method’s heels after winning the region’s second cup, going undefeated on the week.

Competition in the third cup for both America and Europe will span the whole weekend with both regions’ finals taking place on Sunday, Feb. 14. The double-elimination bracket in each region includes eight teams. 

The matches will be broadcast on World of Warcraft’s official YouTube channel

Both regions’ brackets will be posted and updated here throughout the weekend as the results are finalized.

Image via World of Warcraft
Image via World of Warcraft