VALORANT player shows useful Phoenix flash and Hot Hands lineup

Phoenix players should add this tactic to their game plan.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player showed how to defend Hookah on Bind with Phoenix by effectively using his abilities to stop the enemy team. 

The player started by throwing Phoenix’s fireball through the ceiling in Hookah, which covered the area connecting B Long and Mid in flames. Immediately after throwing the fireball, they flashed into Mid to blind the enemies and push them into cover. 

They retreated to the area covered in flames, which dealt damage as Phoenix easily picked up three kills. Phoenix killed one player, securing a crucial round for his team with little effort and in a short period. 

The lineup from Hookah is relatively easy to recreate. The player showed the exact spot players must stand to cover the designated area in flames. If done correctly, players will take damage and be vulnerable with no chance of escape. The tactic also relies on Phoenix hitting shots to kill players, so only try this lineup if you’re confident against your opponents. Pushing with multiple teammates after flashing will also make it easier to trade kills and gain an early advantage. 

This lineup only works with Phoenix since other agent abilities have different flight patterns and will drop in different spots. For example, throwing Viper’s Snake Bite will require a different lineup to cover the same area. 

This tactic will not work every round as players will wait for Phoenix to push or will try to bait his abilities. But using it once in a match can give players a chance to win essential rounds with ease.

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