Team BDS uses Killjoy and Breach combo to stop NiP in their tracks on Bind

Use abilities to your advantage.

Image via Riot Games

Combining abilities in VALORANT can devastate opponents if done correctly. Team BDS showed off one combo today pairing Killjoy and Breach that prevented their opponents Ninjas in Pajamas from entering a site and securing a free kill. 

Team BDS, formerly known as Opportunists, faced NiP in the VALORANT Champions Tour EU Stage Two Challengers Two quarterfinals today. NiP were down five rounds on Bind and had to pull off a substantial comeback if they wanted to survive. 

NiP tried to push into B site from B long, but Team BDS had an excellent setup to halt their push. BDS logaN set up Killjoy’s turret deep in the site to cover any enemies pushing from B long. BDS hoppY used the turret to time Breach’s Fault Line ability to stun in any enemies in B long. 

Once the turret activated, hoppY used the Fault Line ability to stun one enemy. LogaN peaked B long immediately after and secured an easy kill on a stunned opponent. This put a stop to NiP’s B push from long and turned the tides of the round.

NiP couldn’t come back against Team BDS on Bind and lost the series 2-0. With the win, Team BDS advanced to the Challengers Two semifinals and will face Team Liquid in their next match. Liquid pulled off an incredible lineup against CE Calling yesterday, and fans are excited to see what the teams will use against each other.

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