Team Liquid pull off incredible VALORANT play with Slow Orb and Incendiary combo

You don't see this every day.

Image via Team Liquid

Team Liquid’s KRYPTIX and L1NK used Sage’s Slow Orb and Brimstone’s Incendiary today to secure an easy kill with an impressive lineup. 

Liquid faced off against CE Calling in the VALORANT Champions Tour EU Stage Two Challengers Two quarterfinals earlier today. CE Calling struggled against Liquid and only managed to win one round on Bind. Liquid used a clever strategy to defend A site and pick up an easy kill. 

CE Calling were attempting an A split but were stuck in showers and A short. Liquid applied pressure to push them out of showers and back toward their spawn, which allowed KRYPTIX and L1NK to set up an incredible lineup. 

L1NK threw the Slow Orb into the sky to slow down players exiting showers while KRYP1X launched his Incendiary to deliver massive damage. The strategy damaged two enemies and killed a player attempting to use Sova’s ultimate ability. 

The lineup doesn’t guarantee a kill, but it can still chip away at the health and armor of multiple enemies. This is an excellent strategy to apply pressure on an attacking team and punish them as they rotate. 

Liquid were already ahead by eight rounds and this creative strategy helped them secure another round win. They went on to win the series 2-0 and will continue in the Challengers Two event. 

Liquid’s next match is against BDS and fans are waiting patiently to see what kind of lineups the team reveals next. 

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