All Pearl callouts in VALORANT

Rule the seas with precision.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has sent VALORANT fans deep into the sea for the game’s newest underwater map, Pearl. It is beautifully designed and is a perfect combination of futuristic architecture with traditional buildings adorned with Portuguese-inspired art and murals.

The map is “deceptively simpler” than many of the game’s most recent map releases since it lacks the rotation and mobility options of activatable doors, ascenders, or teleporters. With two sites and three lanes, Pearl gives off a very classic first-person tactical shooter feel that many veterans should be at home with.

Pearl does, however, have plenty of spice to keep things interesting, although there aren’t any gimmicks to keep players on their toes. With multiple sprawling alleyways in the middle of the map, two long sight lines, and plenty of different elevations around for people to peek over, it’ll be very important to keep every area documented as teams start to build strategies for the future.

Here are all the callouts on the map Pearl in VALORANT.

Screengrab via Blitz.GG

There will, of course, be differences in how players call out areas on the map that aren’t specified by the game. On the B site, for example, the B tower callout might be referred to as heaven, while the area leading to the site underneath might be called hell. This is because on multiple sites where there is a major elevated area, players refer to the callout as heaven.

The small alcove at B main might be referred to as B cubby since there have been multiple examples in other games where “cubby” has been used to describe a small hiding spot in a choke point.

Additionally, there will be a spot on each site that players will refer to that is the basic, usual place for attackers to plant the spike called default. Every map has a default spike plant position, and the player base will need to figure out where that is when Pearl releases on live servers.