How to fix Tower of Fantasy crashing issues

No party crashers please.

Image via Hotta Games

Tower of Fantasy invites players to a universe where humans can’t live on earth anymore, forcing them to relocate to another planet. Though the game was already out in China since the beginning of 2022, it didn’t prevent it from running into errors and bugs during its second launch in Aug. 2022.

The Black Screen error and the Login status exception, exiting the game error, are two of a small minority of hiccups that players have had to experience during the game’s launch period. While an error with a text explanation will be easier to fix, players won’t have much to work with when the game crashes.

When Tower of Fantasy crashes, players will find themselves staring at their desktop or home screen, wondering what may have gone wrong. Most crashes usually happen due to compatibility issues or corrupted game files, but there are a couple of fixes players can try to prevent Tower of Fantasy from crashing.

Check Tower of Fantasy’s system requirements for PC and mobile devices

If you’re experiencing repeating crashes while playing Tower of Fantasy, you should check whether your gaming device is fit to run the game.

Players trying to run Tower of Fantasy with specs well below the game’s PC and mobile system requirements are likely to experience crashes. These crashes happen because the devices will try to avoid overheating and naturally shut down processes that are pushing them to their limit.

Verify the integrity of Tower of Fantasy’s files

Tower of Fantasy will launch on Steam and Epic Games Store in the fourth quarter of 2022. Players can still check for corrupted files through the game’s launcher.

  • Launch Tower of Fantasy’s launcher.
  • Choose Game Settings.
  • Click on Repair.

Tower of Fantasy fans on mobile devices can try reinstalling the game since they won’t be able to check for corrupted files. 

Disable your antivirus or firewall

Though it happens rarely, antivirus/firewall programs can pick up false positives and quarantine specific in-game files. When that’s the case, Tower of Fantasy may crash whenever it needs to use one of those files.

Try disabling your antivirus or firewall before relaunching Tower of Fantasy. Alternatively, you can also set an exception for all Tower of Fantasy-related files instead of disabling your antivirus.