Black Screen in Tower of Fantasy? Here’s how to fix It

I can't see anything.

Image via Hotta Games

Tower of Fantasy opened its doors to the Western gaming world on Aug. 11 and countless fans flooded into the game’s servers to start their adventure. Considering Tower of Fantasy launched on three different platforms, there have been instances where players ran into errors while launching the game.

Such errors are typically normal for games during their launch periods. Though games go through immense stages of quality tests, new errors can pop up when thousands and millions of players log into the live servers.

In addition to server-related errors, players can run into technical difficulties like black screens that also prevent them from launching Tower of Fantasy. A black screen error can be harder to fix compared to errors with codes since knowing the cause can help players narrow down their options.

How to fix the black screen error in Tower of Fantasy

  • Reinstall the launcher.
  • Check if there’s an update for Tower of Fantasy.
  • Restart your PC and launch Tower Fantasy first after turning it on.
  • Update your graphics card driver.
  • Don’t skip logos and other warnings.
  • Create a Tower of Fantasy account instead of logging in with a third-party method like Google.

The fixes above were suggested by other Tower of Fantasy community members who experienced the black screen error. Reinstalling the launcher and checking for updates will allow players to troubleshoot for corrupted files.

Restarting your PC is one of the most common troubleshooting methods. When you restart your PC, you’ll essentially be closing all the running processes which could cause the black screen error. 

Players can also see a black screen in Tower of Fantasy due to outdated graphics drivers. You’ll be installing the latest bug fixes by updating your driver which can include the black screen error in Tower of Fantasy.