The best TFT Set 4.5 comps to play at launch

Rank up the ladder following the Set 4.5 soft reset.

Teamfight Tactics Little Legends
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The Set Four Fates: Festival of Beasts mid-set has arrived, showcasing several Teamfight Tactics builds every player should know. 

A total of 20 new champions and seven traits will hit TFT live servers on Jan. 21 with Patch 11.2. Tacticians will bid a farewell to Dusk with the launch of Set 4.5 Fates: Festival of Beasts but welcome new traits such as Fabled, Dragonsoul, and Slayer. Champions that will function as strong carries within the mid-set include Morgana, Talon, Olaf, Samira, Shyvana, Kayle, Xayah, and Aurelion Sol. 

Principal TFT game designer, Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer revealed the final Set 4.5 PBE patch prior to launch, noting Patch 11.2 will likely contain small balance tweaks and players can expect Patch 11.3 to contain the next installment of major balance changes. Over 10 TFT builds are viable within the Set 4.5 meta, with honorable mentions going to slow-roll Tristana (Chosen), seven Mage, six Slayer, Fabled Dragonsoul, and Brawlers.

But only a few comps stand out as the best. 


Image via Luque

The top TFT comp from the first half of Fates remains the best build so far for Set 4.5. Playing Legendaries requires a fast nine strategy, always playing strongest board until level nine, then rolling down for legendary champion pairs that synergize with the other units on the battlefield. Players should slam utility items like Hand of Justice and Sunfire Cape to keep win streaking. There are two ideal carriers for the Legendary comp: Samira and Olaf. 

Ideal items for Samira are Guardian Angel and Hand of Justice. Other items like Giant Slayer, Infinity Edge, Deathblade, Last Whisper, and Quicksilver Slash work as well. Olaf requires two specific items to pop off and pave a path towards first place: Rapid Fire Cannon and Runaan’s Hurricane. Players can opt to fill the third item slot with any of the items that work on Samira. 

Enlightened Talon/Morgana

Image via TL Saintvicious

Talon has returned to S-tier status within the TFT meta. Six Enlightened units are preferred for a final comp but four will work too with solid scouting and item placement. Either Morgana or Talon can function as a primary carry, although Talon is stronger as the main carry. Players should utilize Fiora as an early carry or use her as a main with Chosen Enlightenment. 

Talon and Morgana’s items are essentially the same from the first half of Fates, with a Morello needed on Morgana while Talon pops off with Infinity Edge and Last Whisper. Fiora is likely the most underrated champion within the Enlightened build and is able to stun enemy teams into submission with items like Rapid Fire Cannon and Runaan’s Hurricane. Three Adept (Yone, Shen, and Irelia) synergize well with the Enlightened units and Swain is a powerful legendary to add in as a frontline unit when playing a Chosen Enlightened champion. Adding Swain also synergizes with Morgana for two Syphoner. 


Image via Tiaan

A number of solid buffs were applied to the Vanguard trait in Set 4.5 and the addition of new units like Ornn, crafting Artifact items, has put the trait back in ranked contention. But it’s the return of Neeko, in conjunction with Fabled champions Nautilus and Cho’Gath that makes this TFT build worth playing. Neeko is the primary carry, along with the utility item Chalice of Power on Yummi, or Nautilus as the secondary carry. 

Ideal items on Neeko include Blue Buff, Jeweled Gauntlet, and Infinity Edge. Items such as Giant Slayer and a Vanguard Vest work well too. Nautilus works best with Bramble Vest and Dragon’s Claw while Sejuani deals ideal damage with Sunfire Cape and Ionic Spark. Yummi carries the build through the mid-game stages with Chalice of Power but should get switched out for Zilean if possible during the late-game stages. 

The best TFT comps will typically place within the top-four of a lobby. They are only a guide, though, as each of the above-listed builds has weaknesses. Players should scout regularly and always focus on playing the strongest board to place first. Set 4.5 Fates: Festival of Beasts is scheduled to release on Jan. 21 with balance patches taking place every two weeks.