The best TFT comps on patch 11.5

Learn these builds to rocket up the TFT ranked ladder.

Teamfight Tactics Kayle
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Set 4.5 Teamfight Tactics has been updated with its newest patch this week, shaking up the meta and helping to tide players over until the release of the fast-approaching launch of Set 5.

This patch, like the two before it, brings with it changes to the Chosen system. This time, the odds that players will find four-cost Chosens in their shop at level seven was reduced by three percent. Outside of this change, patch 11.5 is really just an assortment of little nudges and tweaks to refreshen the meta.

There are several viable TFT builds to play on Patch 11.5. Popular compositions on the last patch like Kennen Keepers or Slayers can both still be played, despite receiving nerfs. Re-roll carriers like Yasuo and Nidalee can also be reliable top four builds too, thanks to some small buffs to those champions this patch.

There are three builds, however, that stand above the rest right now.

Chosen Executioner/Kayle

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Kayle based compositions have once again taken their stranglehold on the TFT meta thanks mostly to consistent nerfs to each and every other champion that can rival Kayle’s tremendous carry potential.

This composition is great for climbing in ranked games due to the consistency in which players can reliably force this build in every situation. Players will want to play a strong board early, like Cultist or Sharpshooters, and then around stage 5-1, roll down for either a Chosen Executioner or Chosen four-cost like Shen.

Kayle has some flexibility with item builds but needs Rapid Firecannon and Quicksilver in most situations to help her stay out of harm’s way. Her third item can be Hand of Justice, Guinsoo’s Rageblade or Giantslayer.

Elderwood Mages

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This composition, similarly to the Kayle composition above, has been extremely dominant in past patches and is seeing great success again recently thanks to some nice buffs to Lulu and Veigar in the 11.5 patch notes.

Players will want to start with either a Tear of the Goddess or Needlessly Large Rod at the opening carousel, before trying to rush toward a three Elderwood and three Mage board as soon as possible.

Any non-AP item components can be placed on Rakan to make a Sunfire Cape, this will help to create a win streak early on. From there, players should stack Brand or Twisted Fate with AP and Mana items like Blue Buff and Hextech Gunblade to hold on to until an Aurelion Sol is found to replace them.

Chosen Brawlers

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Perhaps one of the least complicated builds to perfect and force in TFT history, the Brawler composition can be played with a Chosen to reach eight Brawlers, or without a Chosen at just six Brawlers.

This composition isn’t just easy however, it’s been completely free from any nerfs for a few patches now, meaning a carry like Shyvana can output some of the most consistently high DPS in the game.

A Runaan’s Hurricane is imperative in this build, as such players should always preference Recurve Bows on the carousel.

This team should be very strong early and throughout the mid-game. Players should have the economy and gold to push to level nine and then look for a potential pivot into a legendary composition. In this case, Shyvana’s items work well on Samira.

Each of these TFT comps will typically place within the top four of a lobby. But these builds won’t guarantee success. Instead, players should focus on scouting regularly, positioning, playing the strongest board, and mastering the basics of econ to achieve real success. Balance patches for Set 4.5 Festival of the Beasts will take place every two weeks.