TFT Set 6 Patch 11.24 preview reveals nerfs to Katarina, buffs to underperformers

Get ready for some major changes to the TFT Set Six meta.

TFT Set 6 Viktor
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games revealed a large number of Teamfight Tactics balance changes that are slated to drop within the upcoming Patch 11.24.

Scheduled to take place on Dec. 8, TFT Patch 11.24 for Set Six will be the final update prior to the winter holidays. The large update seeks to nerf overperforming champions like Katarina and traits such as Innovator while buffing Hextech Augment effects that are linked to traits. A total of 14 nerfs, 12 buffs, five adjustments, and two reworks were revealed today during the Patch 11.24 preview on Twitter. 

A total of eight TFT Set Six champions are slated to get nerfs. Katarina has been a thorn within the meta for several weeks, with most players looking forward to her getting powered down some. Champions like Vex, Jinx, Taric, Viktor, and Trundle are also set to be nerfed. 

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Trundle reroll has been a popular comp and Viktor has been a powerhouse legendary champion to pick up during the late-game stages. Hextech Augments are also getting nerfed, from Featherweights and item Grab Bag to Innovator Heart and Innovator Soul. 

The Chemtech trait is getting a rework while champions Jhin, Jayce, and Galio are slated to receive adjustments. The buffs revealed today included items like Blue Buff and Frozen Heart. Shaco, Fiora, Sion, Akali, and Orianna are the champions that are slated to receive some love. The traits Mutant and Clockwork are also on the buff board. 

All balance changes revealed within the TFT Patch 11.24 preview are subject to change prior to the update’s launch on Dec. 8.