TFT Set 4 Warlord synergy packs a punch worth building around

Power up by winning matchups

Teamfight Tactics Set 4 Fates Warlord Synergy
Image via Riot Games

A new Teamfight Tactics synergy called Warlords was revealed today by Riot Games, allowing players to buff champion stats through battle wins.

Warlord is a unique trait within Set Four Fates that increases the health and spell power of its champions through traditional synergy methods of having three/six/nine units on the board. But the trait also provides additional spell and health buffs for “each battle they win and victorious battles they’ve already been in,” according to the TFT team.

Having three/six/nine Warlord champions on the board provides a basic stat boost. 

  • Three Warlord champions: Increase of 150 HP and 10 spell power.
  • Six Warlord champions: Increase of 400 HP and 25 spell power.
  • Nine Warlord champions: Increase of 600 HP and 50 spell power. 

With each battle win, those stats increase, providing additional HP and SP that can stack up to five times. 

  • Three Warlord champions: Increase of 30 HP and three spell power.
  • Six Warlord champions: Increase of 40 HP and five spell power.
  • Nine Warlord champions: Increase of 80 HP and 10 spell power. 

Going on a five-game win streak with three Warlord champions with a basic stat line of 150 HP and 10 spell power will then increase their synergy stats to 300 HP and 25 spell power, almost the same as having six Warlord champions in play with no battle wins. 

An example of how to build a comp around the Warlord synergy was provided by the TFT team today, showcasing the new Set Four mechanic, Chosen.

  • Nidalee: One-cost Warlord Sharpshooter
  • Garen: One-cost  Warlord Vanguard
  • Jarvan: Two-cost Warlord Exemplar
  • Pyke: Two-cost Cultist Assassin
  • Katarina: Three-cos Warlord Assassin (Warlord Chosen)
  • Kennen: Three-cost Ninja Exemplar
  • Xin Zhao: Three-cost Warlord Duelist

Using Katarina as the Chosen champion and primary carry in the comp provides a two Assassin bonus via the new mechanic. This allows her spells to crit while the bonus spell power from three Warlord increases her spell power even more. Pyke and Kennen are the frontline champions who become even “tankier” with the Warlord synergy via battle wins, able to give Katarina more time for her ultimate to go off. 

You can test out the Warlord synergies in TFT Set Four on the PBE later this week or when Fates is officially released on Sept. 16.