TFT Cloud9 Fates NA Qualifier standings

The best NA players compete within a new meta.

Image via Riot Games

A total of 24 Teamfight Tactics players competed in the North American Cloud9 Qualifiers this weekend, with four tacticians earning an invite to the NA Fates Qualifier four tournament. 

Players competing in the C9 Fates NA Qualifier showcased a new TFT meta from the launch of Fates: Festival of Beasts. The third NA Fates Qualifier took place from Jan. 29 to 31. Each day of competition featured a slightly new format to the TFT esports scene. Competitors participating in the C9 Qualifier earned an invite via one of four ways. 

C9 Fates Qualifier day one standings

A total of 24 players competed in six games throughout the course of day one competition at the third NA TFT Qualifiers. The first two games featured random lobbies while games three and four lobbies were seeded by total scores. Games five and six lobbies were re-seeded according to a points breakdown, and the 16 highest scoring players after six rounds advanced onto day two of the C9 Fates NA Qualifiers. 

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Here were the top 16 players advancing to day two:

Screengrab via C9 Twitch
  • SpencerTFT: 45 points
  • Mismatched Socks: 43 points
  • Bertasaurus: 42 points
  • Numanotaihasin: 41 points
  • Ilikeike: 40 points
  • Skunkywinn: 38 points
  • ILikeHoboes: 38 points
  • NoobOwl: 37 points
  • Souless: 36 points
  • Kiyoon: 33 points
  • Robinsongz: 33 points
  • GrandVice8: 32 points
  • C9 k3soju: 31 points
  • Sètsuko: 30 points
  • Sureom: 30 points
  • kci: 25 points

C9 Fates Qualifier day two standings

Day two at the third Fates Qualifier kicked off with a total of 16 players split into two lobbies. Lobbies rotated every two games over the course of six games, with only eight players advancing to day three. 

Kayle builds were still a dominant presence within the meta but were challenged by TFT comps like Warlord with three-star Katarina, Eldersol, Diana re-roll, and Nasus re-roll. Considered a dead comp, six and four Sharpshooter saw a slight revival, hitting top-four. Enlightened Talon was also consistent as a top four performer.

The best build of the day went to GrandVice8, wherein round-four players were blessed with double-loaded dice from Lucky Lantern. Already running Diana and Akali, GV8 hit three-star Akali, Diana, and a Chosen three-star Kennen. Siting at 81 HP at Stage 6-1, it was an easy first for GV8. The total build consisted of Chosen Keeper, four Ninja, four Assassin, two Adept, two Mystic, two Spirit, and Yone with a Blue Buff. 

Screengrab via C9 Twitch

Round five dropped another Lucky Lantern with one loaded die that resulted in NoobOwl getting an honorable mention best comp of the day, running a three-star Sett alongside a seven Warlord build with a Tryndamere carry. The items on Sett included Sunfire Cape, Hand of Justice, and Giant Slayer.

NoobOwl earned a double first in rounds five and six, but it wasn’t enough to hit the top eight. Other big TFT names who fell on day two of the C9 Fates NA Qualifier were Mismatched Socks, Kiyoon, Souless, and C9 k3soju. 

Screengrab via C9 Twitch

Here were the top eight players advancing to the day three finals. 

Screengrab via C9 Twitch
  • Numanotaihasin: 43 points
  • Robinsongz: 37 points
  • ILikeHoboes: 36 points
  • Bertasaurus: 34 points
  • GrandVice8: 33 points
  • kci: 33 points
  • SpencerTFT: 33 points
  • Sureom: 31 points

C9 Fates Qualifier day three final standings

Following a total of 12 rounds played over the course of two days, eight players were left out of a field of 254. Day three showcased a wide range of competitors, from top ladder performers to Open Qualifier invites. A total of five rounds were played, with the four highest-scoring players earning an invite to the Fates Qualifier 4 tournament.

GranVice8 came out of the gates strong at the C9 Fates finals in round one with a Kayle build victory, using three Adept against a Duelist re-roll comp from Numanotaihasin. Kayle comps had been prevalent all weekend, along with re-roll builds, with four out of the eight players in round one choosing to play a re-roll comp. 

Round two went to SpencerTFT, playing Zed re-roll with a two-star Samira and four Spirit. Bonkey Kong emerged as a solid Set 4.5 comp in round three, earning Bertasaurus a key win. And heading into round four, it was Numanotaihasin and SpencerTFT sitting on the outside of the top-four bubble. 

Numanotaihasin came back in round four with a Slayer Olaf carry but was beat out by GV8 revisiting his three-star Akali Assassin build. GV8 sat in first with 30 points heading into round five, followed by six competitors within five points of one another. 

Round five ended with a super high-roll lobby featuring Numanotaihasin hitting a three-star Kayle at Stage 6-3 with nine HP, robinsongz playing seven Mage and six Elderwood, and GV8 playing eight Brawlers. Numanotaihasin took the round five win with the three-star Kayle, but it wasn’t enough to surpass GranVice8 in points.

Here were the top four TFT competitors in the C9 Fates NA Qualifier:

Screengrab via C9 Twitch
  • GranVice8: 38 points
  • Bertasaurus: 33 points
  • Numanotaihasin: 30 points
  • Robinsongz: 27 points