Kayle dominates day one Cloud9 TFT Fates Qualifier

Can Kayle stay on top?

Teamfight Tactics Kayle
Image via Riot Games

Day one of the Teamfight Tactics Cloud9 Fates Qualifier showcased several powerful comps via the new Set 4.5 meta, with Kayle builds leading the pack. 

A number of best comps have emerged since the release of Set 4.5 on Jan. 21, but the overall meta remains mostly unexplored. An 11.2 B-patch on Jan. 26 that nerfed five champions opened the door for Kayle builds to thrive. Other TFT comps performed well at the C9 Fates NA Qualifiers as well, just not as consistently as the Kayle builds. 

Eldersol (Elderwood Xayah and Aurelion Sol Mage) comps had a presence within the top four of each lobby along with re-roll Diana, Duelist Yasuo, Akali carry six Assassin, and re-roll Warlord Nidalee. Kayle builds had the most lobby wins and top-four finishes over the course of six rounds, while Samira stood as the most contested legendary champion during the late-game stages. 

Kayle builds finishing in the top four of each of the three lobbies throughout the first day of the C9 Qualifiers were all built slightly differently. GrandVice8 took a first with four Executioner Chosen, slapping typical Kayle items like Rapid Fire Cannon, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and Quicksilver. The rest of the TFT comp consisted of three Divine, two Duelist, two Mystic, two Spirit, two Vanguard, and one Exile (Yone). 

Souless also had a first-place finish with Kayle, running six Divine Chosen. Kayle’s items were the same as GranVice8’s, but he only ran three Executioner. Other traits in Souless’ build were Azir (Emperor), two Keeper, two Adept, two Mystic, and two Spirit.

Another first-place Kayle build by Sureom ran a Mystic Chosen with unusual items like Giant Slayer, Guardian Angel, and Duelist Spatula on Kayle. Other traits in Suriom’s build were five Divine, three Duelist, two Executioner, two Spirit, two Syphoner, and Yone (Exile). 

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Whether Kayle will dominate day two of the C9 Qualifiers remains unknown. Eldersol had a horrible day one start but was hitting top four by games five and six. Re-roll comps performed well and an Akali carry six Assassin took a first in round six. Day two of the C9 Fates NA TFT Qualifier kicks off at 6pm CT on Jan. 30 via Twitch