Best TFT Set 4.5 comps for Patch 11.2

Some of the newest additions to TFT are ruling the high-Elo meta right now.

Teamfight Tactics Olaf
Image via Riot Games

The newest Teamfight Tactics set finally hit the live servers today. And with 20 new champions and seven new traits to play around with, players are desperate to find that one uncontested comp that will help them climb early on in this set.

The latest patch brings some interesting balance changes along with it. Popular compositions like re-roll Yasuo and Cultist have both received small buffs, making them reliable top-four comps with the right chosen unit.

Some other honorable mentions that are viable within the Set 4.5 meta are seven Mage comps, the Mystic Vanguard Fabled comp, and the old Set 4 Enlightened Talon comp.

There are three builds, however, that stand above the rest right now.

Olaf and friends

Image via De1sik

The best build in Patch 11.2 is an old reliable. Essentially the same as the legendaries comp from the last patch, this build requires you to employ a fast nine strategy before rolling down to find and then two-star legendary units that synergize well with Olaf since he’s the main carry of this team composition.

A small difference between this iteration of the composition that’s changed since the last patch is that players have realized that Olaf omits enough damage by himself to win rounds. This means units like Pyke, Janna, Aatrox, and Sejuani can be prioritized over further legendary units thanks to the crowd control and supportive nature of their kits that allow Olaf to survive much longer.

Olaf needs strong damage items for this to work, though. Items like Deathblade, Runaan’s Hurricane, and Guardian Angel work well. Hand of Justice, Last Whisper, and Giant Slayer can work well in some cases too.

Re-roll Diana

Image via Robin Songz

This Spirit Assassin composition is only playable if you hit a chosen Diana early on in the game. But if you do, it can be extremely potent. The core of this composition is four Assassins and four Spirit, but the build is easily malleable to include something like Mystic if you run into any strong Mage teams in your lobby.

If you hit an Assassin chosen Diana, it’s worth pushing your composition to include six Assassins to maximize your carry’s damage output. If you hit a Spirit chosen Diana, then just stick with the four and four core and surround your team with other strong units and synergies—for instance, Mystic, Morgana, Aatrox, or Sejuani.

Diana needs Infinity Edge and Titan’s Resolve, but the other item slot is open for interpretation. Some people like to use Runaan’s Hurricane, while others prefer the sustain that Hextech Gunblade provides. It’s up to you.

Six Warlords

Image via De1sik

The Warlords trait has seen multiple buffs and nerfs during it’s time on the PBE servers for Set 4.5. But going into Patch 11.2, the comp is being adjusted again, this time in the form of buffs. Warlords have always been among the easier builds to force this set, so when it’s also in a great spot competitively, it should be a go-to option for most serious players.

Unlike in previous sets, the Warlord composition now features three Slayers that will help augment the power of Warlord’s newest unit, Tryndamere. Katarina is still the primary carry for this team since she’s obtainable much earlier on in the game and is more reliable as a single-source damage output than Tryndamere, who requires greater resources to make work.

Warlords don’t necessarily require you to have a chosen unit in the trait, so feel free to build adjacent synergies with whatever strong chosen you roll until you can fill your board with six Warlords.

Katarina makes the best use of Hextech Gunblade, Titan’s Resolve, and Quicksilver. Items like Hand of Justice and Guardian’s Angel are also usable. Building a Redemption on a unit like Vi is valuable for this comp too because it ensures that Katarina will ult at least once or twice each round thanks to the healing it provides.

Each of these TFT comps will typically place within the top four of a lobby. But these builds won’t guarantee success. Instead, players should focus on scouting regularly, positioning, playing the strongest board, and mastering the basics of econ to achieve real success. Balance patches for Set 4.5 Festival of the Beasts will take place every two weeks.