TFT 11.2 B-patch nerfs Rakan and Aurelion Sol, buffs Yone

Yone returns from the dead to shred.

Image via Riot Games

A number of nerfs were rolled out in today’s Teamfight Tactics B-patch, as well as one solo buff for the legendary Yone. 

It’s been just under a week since the official launch of TFT Set 4.5 Fates: Festival of Beasts. Upon its release, the meta seemed mostly balanced. But as tacticians started to understand the new champions and traits, a few units began to stand out as overpowered. In an attempt to tone down some champions while providing non-performing comps a chance in the Patch 11.2 meta, a B-patch was released today on the TFT live servers. 

Notable nerfs that just about everyone in the community was expecting were applied to Diana, Rakan, Xayah, and Aurelion Sol. Diana has been thriving within her re-roll build while Rakan and A Sol have been dominating the late game via Elderwood and Mage. A bug was also fixed with Rakan that allowed him to gain mana while his shield was active near the end of its duration. 

  • Diana: Orbs 4/5/7 reduced to 4/5/6
  • Rakan: Mana adjusted from 40/80 to 60/120. Shield nerfed from 300/550/950 to 200/400/800. 
  • Zed: Attack damage stolen nerfed from 20/30/40 percent to 20/25/30 percent
  • Asol: Nerfed from 350/550/1750 to 325/500/1750
  • Xayah: Spellcast mana lock increased from one to 1.5 seconds.

In addition to the five nerfs, Yone was buffed. His armor and MR shred were increased from 40/40/40 to 60/60/80 percent. 

The next TFT Set 4.5 Patch, 11.3, is scheduled to take place on Feb. 3.