Kayle Executioner joins TFT’s best Set 4.5 comps following 11.2 B-patch

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Teamfight Tactics Kayle
Image via Riot Games

Nerfs to Rakan and Aurelion Sol in Teamfight Tactics’ 11.2 B-patch have boosted Kayle comps to S-tier status. 

Patch 11.2 led to an unhealthy meta in TFT, with multiple players in a lobby forcing Elderwood Rakan and Xayah, along with Aurelion Sol Mage. The devs dropped a B-patch on Jan. 26, nerfing Rakan, Aurelion Sol, Diana, Xayah, and Zed. But this opened the door for various Kayle builds to join Slayers and Warlords as the best TFT comps in Patch 11.2.

The top TFT Set 4.5 Patch 11.2 comps, according to Reddit user Wrainbash, are Legendary, Kayle, Olaf, Warlords, and Yasuo Duelist re-roll. Competitive player GrandVice8’s Patch 11.2 meta report showed similar results, except for the Legendary entry. GV8 also listed A-tier comps like Brawler Shyvana slightly lower than re-roll comps using Zed, Diana, and Nasus. 

Every champion nerfed in the 11.2 B-patch remains playable and can still win lobbies. The nerfs created opportunities for other builds to thrive while preventing players from forcing the same comps every game. The only downside to the Set 4.5 meta for the moment is the strength of traits and item-dependant carries within those traits, making it hard for tacticians to be super flexible, according to Kiting is Hard

Kayle is one of those “item dependant” carries, but as shown by TFT streamer and competitive player Rayditz, there are several ways to play the champion. The same goes for Slayer Olaf or Samira, Elderwood Xayah, and Aurelion Sol Mage. 

No other changes are scheduled to take place in TFT Set 4.5 until Patch 11.3 drops on Feb. 3.